20 Awesome PrestaShop v1.5.x Themes (Free and Premium)

In my last video instructional exercise I told everybody the best way to introduce a subject in Templatetrip v1.5.x. For show purposes, I utilized a free topic from LeoTheme for which I have recorded the connection to underneath: 

1. PrestaShop Free Sneaker Shop Theme 

leotheme_sport_shoes_prestashop_1_5-1 (1)

At the point when I introduced the shoe shop topic I was very dazzled with this as a result of the multitude of modules that are incorporated. For instance, it incorporates a Leo subject control board, Lof progressed footer module, Lof custom top, Lof makers scroll, Lof new items module and Lof social offer module. 

As I would like to think, the Leo subject control board is the greatest since it permits you to alter the format width (by entering a number that addresses px or % esteem), change the default skin tone, textual style, foundation design and the sky’s the limit from there. 

There is even a responsive element that can be turned here and there, however when I gave turning it a shot and tried it on both my work area and iPhone, the subject didn’t appear to change in accordance with the screen size. 

Talking about responsiveness, I’m a major enthusiast of them as I’ve referenced in the past in my responsive topics article. To summarize, I like responsive plans since they are a truly incredible approach to improve your store for guests on cell phones. 

At the point when I previously composed this article, I was unable to track down any free ones other than this one from Template Monster, yet the terms express that the subject can’t be utilized for individual or business projects… Since that time I have tracked down a couple more — I notice which ones are responsive in the rundowns of the free topics beneath. Sadly just 3 are responsive and another appears to be about 80% (harsh figure LOL) responsive. I was, notwithstanding, ready to discover many premium PrestaShop v1.5.x that are 100% responsive and you can see them here. 

Free Themes: 

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Notwithstanding that subject, I additionally figured out how to track down a couple of other free ones at PrestaDevelop, Devil Themes, DapurPixel, Presta Designer, Star Creations,, yet they all required enlisting a record and LeoTheme and didn’t. Note that the one from was added as a direct download on this webpage since they don’t actually have a devoted page for the subject. Beneath you can see that load of free subjects that I just referenced: 

2. PrestaShop Free Shoes Store Theme 


Here is an advanced at this point fun looking shoe store subject. I for one like the shadings and the plan since it keeps things straightforward yet beautiful simultaneously. Highlights a 1 section format for the landing page and a 2 segment design for different pages of the store. 

3. PrestaShop Free BestStore Theme 


This one comes to us from PrestAddons which is offering this free 3 section format subject. I like the sharp edges of this subject and I am likewise burrowing the manner in which the hunt confine the header looks. The precious stone example foundation additionally looks pretty cool and the inclination green catches are a decent touch. According to the general look and close tender loving care, it seems like the originator put a great deal of work into this subject. Exceptionally ideal to see this sort of work go into a free subject. 

4. PrestaShop Free Fashion Bird Theme 


This specific subject is recorded as responsive however when I tried the topic, it was just in part responsive (basically on my Safari internet browser) for instance, the nav bar and item postings didn’t drop down the page true to form. Other than that, I should say that the subject is present day looking and would function admirably with stores selling clothing. This topic includes a 1 segment format for the landing page and a 2 section design all through the store. Politeness of Devil Themes. 

5. PrestaShop Free Velvet Sky Theme

dapurpixel_velvet_sky_prestashop_1_5 (1)

This is one rich subject that has a ton of detail in it. It truly seems as though something you would see on a top of the line site like the Louis Vuitton site. While the demo is of a fragrance store, I figure this can work with any product offering that requires a little class. Highlights a 1 segment landing page format and 2 segments for the remainder of the store. 

6. PrestaShop Free Clothes Theme 

prestadesigner_clothes_prestashop_1_5 (1)

Here we have a subject from Presta Designer. Shockingly, however, there isn’t a portrayal or demo accessible for the subject. There is, in any case, a screen capture being shown and from its vibes, the subject looks truly pleasant. It has a decent splendid plan with lively tones all through it like orange however it likewise has a tad of light earthy colored accents which restrain things a piece. 

7. PrestaShop Free Watches Theme 


Here is a watches topic that has a metropolitan look to it. Since the fundamental tones are dim and dark, the yellow accents appear to mix in well and holds it back from looking excessively dim. If I somehow happened to utilize this subject and didn’t have a store logo, I’d attempt to keep the appearance of the topic’s logo since it coordinates pleasantly with the yellow catches. Highlights a 1 segment format for the landing page and a 2 segment design all through the store. 

8. PrestaShop Free Black Hawk Theme 

devilthemes_black_hawk_prestashop_1_5 (1)

This topic comes to us from Devil Themes which is offering this free responsive subject. This is really the second responsive subject that I’ve found on the Devil Themes site yet not at all like the Fashion Bird topic which I explored before, this one appears to work somewhat better taking everything into account. The subject additionally seems like it would work extraordinary on a site that needs a straightforward plan yet present day look. Highlights a 1 segment design for the landing page and a 2 section format for the remainder of the store. 

9. PrestaShop Free Bootstrap (garments) Theme 

template-help_bootstrap_prestashop_1_5 (1)

A demo for this subject can be found here. I’m entirely dazzled by this subject without a doubt. Particularly since it seems as though something you would see on some huge name store like Macy’s. The best part is that it includes a responsive plan so the fashioner is truly giving us a great deal for nothing. Presently I haven’t read the details of the permit so I couldn’t say whether there are a few limitations on utilization however I’d investigate that in case I were introducing it on my site. 1 segment landing page and 2 segments on different pages. 

10. PrestaShop Thème Gratuit 

graphileom_theme_gratuit_prestashop_1_5 (1)

This topic comes from a French site that is offering this topic in different tones like green, orange, blue and pink. The plan has a cutting edge look to it as I would see it so if I somehow happened to utilize it, I’d use it for a gadgets store or something to that effect. The topic includes a 2 segment format. 

11. PrestaShop Free Leo Converse Theme 


This topic is being offered by LeoTheme which is the site that offers the free topic Sneaker Shop which I introduced in my video. While this subject might appear to be comparative since it additionally is by all accounts outfitted towards stores that sell shoes, it is an alternate topic all things considered. Best of all it’s responsive, allows you to pick between a significant number distinctive shading plans and is of excellent. Highlights a 1 section landing page design and a 2 segment format on different pages. 

12. PrestaShop Free Musical Instruments Theme 


This is a pleasant, radiant yellow subject that truly radiates a merry vibe. I truly like how the guitar picture on the landing page mixes in with the remainder of the shadings. Storewide 1 section format. 

13. PrestaShop Free Camera Shop Theme 

A perfect topic that has decent contacts, for example, the camera picture close to the truck connect. This is a storewide 1 segment format.

14. PrestaShop Free Health Store Theme 


Wonderful green subject with a verdant foundation. A lot of detail can be found, for example, a picture of a green bin close to the truck connect, an orange foundation for the side segment (which I feel mixes in well with the green tone) just as an inclination green foundation for the header route bar. 1 segment design for the landing page and 2 sections for different pages. 

15. PrestaShop Free Boutique Theme 

Is it accurate to say that you are in the clothing industry? All things considered, in case you are, you’re in karma since this is one stylish looking subject. Decent fresh white foundation with dim and blue catches. Highlights a 1 segment plan for the landing page and 2 sections for the remainder of the site. 


Is it accurate to say that you are in the clothing industry? All things considered, in case you are, you’re in karma since this is one stylish looking topic. Decent fresh white foundation with dark and blue catches. Highlights a 1 section plan for the landing page and 2 segments for the remainder of the site. 

16. PrestaShop Free Mobile Shop Theme 


In case you’re in the PDA or potentially frill business, this topic makes certain to give your shop a cool cutting edge look. The inclination dim and dark plan is unquestionably a decent touch. Highlights a 2 segment design. 

17. PrestaShop Free Car Audio Theme 


I truly like the selection of tones on this topic. Additionally, isn’t it cool how the water blue line around the top nav bar looks as though it’s enlightened? As somebody that is truly into carbon fiber, the foundation for the shopping basket button in the upper right and side navigational box truly grabbed my eye. Highlights a 1 section format for the landing page and 2 segments for the remainder of the pages. 

18. PrestaShop Premium CentriKids Responsive Theme


It’s perky and fun all simultaneously and looks exceptionally proficient. Simply ideal for a youngsters’ store. Highlights a uber menu, fast inquiry, slideshow and then some. 

19. PrestaShop Premium Leo Tea Responsive Theme 


This topic was planned by LeoTheme and in case you know about their work, you definitely realize that they have some decent subjects available. This topic specifically doesn’t baffle and would truly praise any store selling tea, food, spices and comparative items pleasantly. A ton of additional items like uber menus, Google textual styles and that’s just the beginning. 

20. PrestaShop Premium Leo Decor Responsive Theme


In case you’re working at a store that sells furniture, installations or other home stylistic layout things, this topic makes certain to give your store an exceptionally pleasant present day look and feel that simultaneously looks tasteful. I for one like the manner in which the landing page has a Pinterest-like posting show and burrow the wooden foundation.