3 Front Door Paint Colours that Make a Statement

Your front door mirrors the vibe of your house, so you want it to look stylish and sophisticated. What better way to make a bold entry than with a colourful front door? A painted front door not only increases your curb appeal but also makes your home entrance vibrant and inviting. 

You don’t have to spend a fortune on landscaping or exterior renovation to achieve the desired results (don’t get me wrong, you can if you want to) by painting your front door, you can achieve a stunning exterior that costs a lot less. A fresh coat of paint is an easy way to enliven a dull and lifeless door. 


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For a cohesive exterior, first, select your door colour, then choose the door accessories that complement the colour, and lastly amp up the character with a custom doormat or lantern. 

Black Colour

An on-trend exterior paints like deep black is a great option for your front door, especially if your façade is clad with natural or whitewashed bricks. Accentuate it with contrast accessories to bring back the glamour of the bygone era. 

Dull Red

All shades of red look fabulous on the door. From bright red to coral, pastel, and muted shades of a wine colour, all shades of red can refresh the feel and look of the door without imparting an ounce of extravagance. However, bright, and ostentatious it may sound, many darker shades of red look subtle and sophisticated. If you’re a festive person, red is your colour. From making your Christmas warm and inviting to spreading love on Valentine, the red door oozes the festive vibe all year round. 

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Powder Blue

Just like all shades of red, all shades of blue also look fantastic splashed on your front door. However, out of all shades, the powder blue offers a vintage charm that whispers elegance. This shade is so versatile that it allows you to experiment with the style of the door. You can go for a steel door and colour the sides and the rim in powder blue or go for a French-style door and combine the power blue-coated timber with glass. 

Front door painting is mostly a DIY project, but you can also hire a professional to do the job. Door colour is a matter of personal choice, but for a head-turning exterior that also goes with the interior, you have to pick a colour that complements the overall design. The above colours offer a fresh contemporary look to your home exterior without taking away the traditional and antique allure you desire from time to time.