3 Tips to Help You Spruce Up Your Style

Are you going through a style rut where it feels like everything in your wardrobe is giving you the ‘meh’ vibe? This is a familiar feeling that happens even to the most stylish people with great wardrobe pieces. So, instead of panic buying or making irrational wardrobe decisions that you‘ll regret, perhaps, you should consider sprucing your style.

Tips to Help You Spruce Up Your Style

Admittedly, time and financial constraints can be stumbling blocks to achieving your dream wardrobe and style makeover. However, don’t sweat it—there are other ways to achieve a smarter and stylish you. On that note, here are three tips you can adopt to spruce up your style.

1. Accessorize your outfit

When people think of sprucing up their style, they typically think of clothing items. However, your clothing is only a part of being stylish. Simple things like handbags, classy belts, and the right jewellery combination can instantly take an outfit from drab to fab, making it look more intentional and stylish.

Accessories have an enormous impact on your outfit, from that brooch to the wristwatch, bracelet, and sterling silver necklace. It‘s in these tiny details that you‘ll find style. They make your outfits interesting by eliminating the risk of having a dull and familiar wardrobe. They’ll also extend the wardrobe life of your clothes, and allow you to view every outfit with fresh lenses.

In addition, the beauty of accessories is that you can wear the same ensemble with different outfits and look fresh each time. Your choice of accessories is personal and should be viewed as an opportunity to express your unique style. For instance, if you work a uniform but love elaborate styles, you can opt for chunky rings to reflect your taste.

2. Purge your closet

Only a few things are as frustrating as staring at a wardrobe full of clothes but feeling like you have nothing to wear. Chances are you holding onto too many old and ill-fitting clothes. Therefore, if you want to spruce up your time, it’s time to get rid of some things.

Perhaps, the low waist jeans you got years ago because it was trendy, only to realize it does not flatter your body or the designer jacket that is too tight. Still, you bought it anyway because they were on sale—better to own a tight designer jacket than to own none at all, right? Well, wrong.

Holding onto items you can’t wear will prevent you from identifying the useful ones or what new pieces you need to add to your wardrobe. So, ensure that you maintain an organized and decluttered wardrobe, rid of items that do not make you feel comfortable or confident. One way to purge your wardrobe is by adopting the one-in, one-out policy. This means for every new item you get, you must let go of an old one. 

3. Don’t neglect personal grooming

As already established, style is more than a killer outfit. Your posture, hair, nails, and overall appearance can have an impact on your style. As such, don’t make the mistake of neglecting personal grooming. The simplest upgrades to your routine, like making regular visits to the salon and dentist and maintaining clean, manicured nails, can significantly improve your style and make you look sharper.

Another thing to pay attention to is your smell. After all, there’s no sense in looking elegant and stylish but smelling like a sewer. So, if you struggle with body odor, consider seeing a doctor as some medical conditions are known to trigger body odours.

Also, remember to use pleasant-smelling perfumes or cologne. They don’t have to be expensive. You can choose your perfumes based on your desired style, season, or mood.

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