5 Killer Tips to Write a Good Persuasive Essay

A student has to write different sorts of essay assignments to show his caliber in an academic journey. A persuasive essay is one of the important types. Just as the name refers, the purpose of an argumentative or persuasive write-up is to persuade readers. You give reasons, evidence, and logic to establish the authenticity of your point of view or opinion.

You shed light on an important problem and make readers agree with your perspective. This particular writing technique is not confined to universities but is widely used in many other fields. Probably that’s the reason why professors assign persuasive essays to students so that they can develop the ability to persuade people. 


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You are not supposed to write an impeccable persuasive essay without correct words and in-depth research. Writing services such as https://www.essay48.com/essay-writing-service  know the undeniable importance of factual information. They know that readers of the present times are well-educated. They know facts and like things based on facts. That’s the reason you have to make sure to follow an effective writing strategy that people can find compelling and reliable.

Don’t forget to add an emotional flare to your writing while writing an argumentative essay. people are easy to hook in through an emotional appeal. 

One thing that you shouldn’t forget at all is the balance. Try describing both sides of an issue so that readers remain fully aware of both aspects. 

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In marketing, digital marketers and copywriters use persuasive techniques to convince potential customers. Likewise, the same strategy has received massive acceptance across the globe. Businesses and companies have found their fortune through effective copywriting techniques based on persuasiveness. 

 I understand it seems challenging when you get an assignment and try exploring themes that you don’t even know about. Don’t get stressed out! These seven effective tips can help you get complete control over your essay writing uncertainties.

  1. Select a Fascinating Topic

I bet you will frown at me If I ask you to write on a topic that you hate. That’s justifiable. How can you feel content after getting an uninteresting assignment? You will not be able to deliver your best due to a lack of interest. Things will go wrong no matter how hard you try to get them right.

On the contrary, writing on a fascinating topic is something that you can’t describe in words. The pleasure, feel, and excitement helps you dominate your classmates. You outdo the rest of your college friends by writing an impressive masterpiece. You can come up with an amazing plan that no one else in your class could even think of.

Whenever the teacher asks you to write a persuasive essay, do not compromise on the topic selection. Choose the one that you feel passionate about. Giving strong arguments becomes easy when you are well-versed in a specific topic. 

  1. Grab Your Reader’s Mind
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The best thing about essay writing is that it provides you with the opportunity to grab your readers’ minds. Yes, you can do so by writing something interesting that they never want to skip. Write a compelling introduction that keeps your readers hooked till the end.

Don’t let the intro be the only thing of interest. Make your readers feel that there’s a lot of fascinating coming ahead. Provoke them to read on and discover interesting facts. 

Good writers should know the art of keeping their audience well-engaged in the write-up. Do not even let them think of anything else while their eyes are on the paper. 

Write meaningful sentences using concise and clear words. Don’t use an expression that is not common. Before you press keys on the laptop, define your target audience. 

  1. Recognize Your Readers

Be clear on who are you going to address in your persuasive essay. This trick can help you write engaging content. You can write customized information in a structured manner. Without knowing the target audience, you will never be able to create an impeccable argumentative essay.

Not every essay is meant to address the general public. Teachers want you to talk to a specific set of audiences. For instance, you might be asked to write an essay for parents of students studying in universities and colleges. You need to keep in mind their interests and the kind of voice they expect to read in a piece of writing. 

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Try meeting the expectations of readers by including all relevant details. Put yourself in their shoes and assume what else they would like to know.  

  1. Relate to Your Audience

Have you ever thought to relate to your audience? Showing empathy is a great way to persuade readers. They feel inclined when you talk about their problems and preferences. If you talk about things that have nothing to do with the target audience, you are likely to see apathetic behaviour. 

That’s the reason it’s crucial to make your readers feel privileged. Make them feel that you understand their concerns. Try to be emotionally attached to them. This is a great way to get things going. 

  1. Use Solid Information

Mere words are not enough to persuade. You have to include solid information from trustworthy sources. Focus on using stats and facts that can draw attention to your essay. Give references and citations to establish the legitimacy of your write-up.

Don’t just talk about the topic in a broad spectrum, zoom in and discuss every little aspect that you think could be of great interest to readers. Try using websites that are well-recognized for the authenticity of the information.

Using quotes from renowned people is another great way to emphasize your viewpoint. Talk about both sides of the topic. It shows that you are not forcing readers to agree to your verdict. Give them freedom of choice by discussing both sides. However, write in a way that readers feel inclined to your perspective.

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