5 Must-know Marketing Hacks for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are operating in an increasingly competitive environment. As the industry continues to adopt digital practices, so must the agents if they want to retain their competitive edge. Luckily, several marketing hacks will help you assert a leading position amongst your peers.

By adopting a solid digital marketing strategy, you, as a real estate agent, can streamline your business operations, gain more quality leads, build trust and nurture strong relations with your clients.


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Below we will discuss five essential marketing tips to boost your real estate career.

1. Build a Website

Begin with a website that will act as the one-stop online representation of your real estate services — consider doing it now. While the advantages of having a website are numerous, let’s focus on the most important ones.

  • Build Awareness. Presently, 3 out of 4 people looking for real estate rely heavily on online search and services for everything they need. This trend is not going away. Having a website to promote your brand awareness is crucially important. While referrals may continue to be a strong lead generation channel, the website adds to your name recognition.
  • Generate Leads Faster. Prospecting for leads takes a lot of time and effort for most real estate agents. With a website, you can employ a wide array of marketing strategies to generate quality leads. If you are after immediate results, opting for paid advertising in search engines and social media can prove effective. In the long run, investing in SEO and content marketing can return solid results.
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2. Google My Business

Setting up a Google My Business account is essential for any real estate agent who wants to undercut their competition. Once you add all the relevant information about your business, including photos, Google will take care of the rest showing your listing for related inquiries.

Moreover, with Google My Business, you take full advantage of local searches. Whenever prospective customers look up real estate agents, your listing will be displayed.

Additionally, you should capitalize on reviews. Those businesses that have high review ratings are more likely to draw in customers’ attention. Asking your past and existing customers to rate your services fairly can be a good starting point at establishing a solid review rating.

3. Launch Email Marketing Campaigns

Another important thing for a real estate agent to consider is launching email marketing as a potent tool of the overall marketing strategy. There are several major benefits to consider:

  • Whenever you send an email, you can include new listings to promote new offerings. Considering that people on your email list are already interested, you are advertising to potential buyers.
  • Email marketing is also a way of building trust and showing your clients that you are proficient at what you do. Never waste an opportunity to highlight your success in recent sales. For example, you can include congratulations to new homeowners, demonstrating that sales happen thanks to your services.
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4. Establish Yourself on Social Networks

Social networks are increasingly popular and represent an invaluable marketing opportunity for real estate agents. Social media marketing is cost-effective, wide-ranging, and flexible. Ignoring social media is an ill-advised thing, as the competition will employ its power to its benefit.

Such social media platforms as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn saw a rise in popularity among real estate professionals in recent years. Facebook is perhaps one of  the most convenient social networking platforms in terms of information sharing.

Not only can you find new clients on social platforms, but also build professional networks to increase expertise. For example, LinkedIn is ideally suited for demonstrating your experience and expertise as a real estate professional. There are no downsides to keeping your LinkedIn profile updated and active.

5. Add Social Sharing Option to Your Listings

Once you have got your social media profiles up and running, you should make the most out of them. Thus, going one step further and ensuring that your property listings have social share buttons is a nifty trick.

Though seemingly obvious, this step often gets overlooked by many real estate professionals. Adding this simple option will tie all your digital marketing efforts together. Your clients are likely to share new listings within their networks, significantly helping you along the way for no extra cost at all!

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Parting Words

Implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy is essential for real estate agents who want to grow their business in the current and future competitive landscapes. Making sure to act upon the marketing hacks discussed above, you will safeguard your career for years to come.

This article was written by ActivePipe, a leading online email marketig platform for real estate agents. For more information visit their website.