6 Tips to Solve Complex Programming Assignments

How to solve complex programming assignments? This guide includes tips, which will be helpful for all people who need to deal with programming homework. 

Learn to type quickly

Is it trite? Yes. However, while dealing with programming assignments, every second count. It happens that the students fail, simply being late with submitting their homework. And this is not only about text typing: you need to quickly type the program code itself. If you need to use autocompletion with an IDE, you need to get the most out of that, too. Pay attention to the signs: it should be easy to navigate in which register and on which layout the necessary characters are located.

Also, to deal with your homework faster, you can get help by googling, “do my programming project.” In this case, you can find speciality services that provide assistance with assignments. By asking experts for help, you can tackle complex programming tasks much faster.

Optimize algorithms

The problem can be solved in several different ways. Usually, together with the task, the requirements for the assignment’s implementation can be given: the execution time and the amount of memory. Before starting your task, think over a solution that is optimal for your problem.

It is worth knowing which functions and operations are resource-intensive and which are not. Let’s say an algorithm needs to calculate many square roots and compare the result with some value. The root operation is more resource-intensive than basic math operations. Therefore, it is better to compare the number with the value squared instead of finding roots. The result will be the same with less load on the machine.

Learn the intricacies of programming languages

The main languages for doing programming assignments are C ++ and Java. C ++ is fast, while Java is functional. Choose a language depending on the task. It is important to master as much of the language as possible in order to use it effectively.

Test your code

You will get high grades for completely solved problems. The code must pass all the secret tests designed for this task. It is good practice to write your own tests. With their help, you need to check:

  • correspondence of input and output data
  • issuing the same data in the case of multi tests
  • the presence of edge cases
  • the ability to process large amounts of data


Even if you are proficient in some language, this does not guarantee success in doing complex programming assignments. Constantly solve problems and try to surpass yourself – this is the only way you can achieve good results. If you want to practice doing programming tasks, visit Exercism.io. After each solved problem, you will communicate with a mentor who will help improve the solution.

Organize information from lectures and tutorials

It can be described in the following steps:

  • Read the book. When you come across a sample code in the book, read it and take notes that may help you remember this information in the future.
  • Close the book.
  • Try typing the code, recreating it as close to the original as possible.
  • Compare your code with the original, correct mistakes, and repeat steps 1-3 until you start to get the original code from the book.

Now, solving complex programming assignments won’t be so difficult for you. By using these tips, you will be able to deal with the task effectively and quickly. Good luck!

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