When it comes to inspiring styling-related practices, people from the glamour world never seem to have a limit. From introducing new trends to setting the bar higher through impeccable versatility, they always exhibit a stronger grip on fashion. 

Particularly, celebrities slay the art of carrying phenomenal leather jackets on and off screen. The leather jackets they gracefully flaunt never miss their target and hence, become super popular in no time flat.   


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However, not all the celeb-inspired jackets manage to pass the test of times as their craze fades faster than the expected period of time. Yet, some not only outlive this period but prove the reason behind their never-ending demand through their luxury and magnificence. Some of these are:

  1. Battlestar Galactica Colonial Warrior Costume Jacket:


So this one comes straight to the die-heart fans of Battlestar Galactica. The jacket attracts people in awe of those extremely competent soldiers of the Colonial Military and wish to sport that confidence all along. Essentially, it comes in its signature dark and light brown color and the look that is sure to feel you nostalgic. 

In addition to the courage and valor it represents, the outerwear is sought for its unique, intriguing design. It has a buckle style closure with the iconic logo featured on its right sleeve. With open cuffs style and a slightly erect collar, Colonial Warrior Costume jacket comes across as an absolute must-have casual!

  1. Fury Brad Pitt Bomber WW2 Jacket:


The Wardaddy of the 2014s release, Fury is not new to us. Pitt literally nailed his character as the battle-hardened army sergeant with his military style bomber jacket fueling his machismo. True that! The jacket has the aura that can unleash that heroism in you with a color sure to suit your personality. 

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It comes with an erect style collar with the classic logos pasted on its sleeve. Rib knit cuffs and waist brings out the true beauty of this bomber whereas its khaki color sparking charisma. Through and through, it is the true definition of immaculate styling, which is only expected from, none other than, Brad!

  1. Elvis Presley Speedway Red Jacket:


Some jackets turn out to be a masterpiece that serves as the exceptions, hard to resist for generations. Interestingly, Elvis Presley Speedway Red Jacket is one such exception that was first featured in 1968. Yes, since the time, the hype of this outerwear is high, with people having that fashion pulse always looking for.

The speedway jacket is a beautiful combo of red color with white stripes on its left. It has a front zipper conclusion with snap tab collar speaking nothing but charm! Overall, it is the best of both worlds for anyone willing to ramp the off-duty look up a notch. 

  1. Captain Marvel Brie Larson Leather Jacket:


Brie Larson as Carol Danvers has mesmerized us through her glory, power-packed performance, and style. She has done great justice to her role and met every ounce of expectation set by the audiences. This jacket is inspired from her stylization that delivers refinement through its bold, black color.

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It has zip cuffs and a lapel collar giving it an extreme modish appeal. The designers have designed a zipper conclusion and some stylized zippers to keep it on the smart end. The street wear intends to give you a contemporary finish but at the same time, it beautifully keeps your look low-profile. 

  1. Top Gun Kelly McGillis Leather Jacket:


Charlie Blackwood portrayed by Kelly McGillis in top gun managed to rule our hearts for more than 35 years. The sensuality and glamour oozed by the blonde bombshell managed to captivate even the strongest of critics and is yet, fantasized by all. This jacket is one scoop from her signature look back then, which still feels like a breath of fresh air. 

The jacket features a minimalistic look with a shirt style collar and zipper conclusion. It further consists of logos, zippers and loose-fitting sleeves that are sure to bring out that desirable side of you. 

  1. A star is born Bradley Cooper Jacket:


Bradley Cooper has long proven his mettle in acting and the 2018s release, A star is born is one good example of it. The movie is all about Cooper’s romantic journey and we can’t help but fall in love with this romantic saga. 

During the scenes, his fans witnessed him wearing a khaki color jacket that literally went high in demand post release. The jacket signifies charisma through a shirt style collar, flap pockets, welt pockets and front button opening. However, what makes it more of a catch is its beauty to mix smartly within your modern casual lineup.

  1. Top Gun Tom Cruise Leather Jacket:


Well- we know why and to what extent the demand of Tom Cruise Leather Jacket can be! The jacket was sported by the A-listed celeb in Top Gun and was showered with praises from the fashion police. What’s interesting about this masterpiece is its quite interesting set of logos pasted at the front and back. However, that’s not the only quality that set Cruise’s personality on fire. 

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The jacket has a fur, shirt style collar that is simply, a casual type of refinement. It has rib knit cuffs and waist along with other features justifying its never-fading demand after decades of Top Gun. 


That brings a conclusion to our write-up highlighting some extremely valuable celeb-inspired jackets that have ceased their spots at top. The outerwear is easily available in premium quality material online, unless you try and trust some amateurs not worthy of your time.