7 Smart Ways to Keep your kids engaged

Being working professionals, most parents find it difficult to spend quality time with their children. They get very little time for their little ones. Even if you are a parent and a homemaker, then too, the situation seems not to be different one. Nowadays, most parents have the same question in their mind about how to keep their children engaged at home. Kids get bored easily by involving in the same activity every day. They always look for new challenges and new activities to play. 

Hence most of the parents end up turning to gadgets to keep their children busy. But we all know the disadvantages of children being addicted to smartphones. Hence this is also not considered as the best way to keep them engaged. However, there are certain activities through which you can easily keep your child busy at home without any worry. Here is the list.


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Play Act

Roleplay activity is another way of killing boredom and keeping your child engaged for a good time. Here you can ask your child to play the role play activity with the wooden toys themselves. Here you can ask your child to pick his favorite story or ask him to create his own. Also, let your child name the characters as he wants.

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Assistance in Household Chores

Involving your child in your day-to-day household activities is also considered the best one to keep your child engaged. If you are cooking, then you may ask your child to get vegetables from the fridge or wash them, depending upon their age. If you have a small garden at home, then you can also ask him to pluck the vegetables or water the plants. Make sure to assign simple tasks so that your child does not get stressed. You can also create a to-do list for you and your child.


Colors are always loved by children. So why not use them to keep your little angels busy at home? Art is always considered a great medium for children to express their imagination. It is known as a mandatory one for brain development. All you need to do is to get the canvas and some colors. You can also give them a copy of the picture to let him draw.


Children love to read stories and comic books. A good story can keep your child engaged for a good time. Reading books helps to develop the imagination, develop their brain and improve your child’s vocabulary. If your child loves to read books, then you should be worry-free about keeping them engaged. If not, then make sure to choose the book as per your child’s age. You can start with picture books. The content should be easy to understand. Hence choose the books accordingly. You can also ask your child to enact the story while reading for fun purposes.

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Paper Craft

Like painting, crafting is also considered a great medium to let the child express their creativity. You can let him experiment with any of the old books or newspapers when it comes to papercraft. This way you would be able to teach him the importance of recycling things. If not then you can get a few of the craft and colored papers and recycle them later. Ask him to start with small things such as paper planes or boats and then scale up gradually to the other things.

Building Blocks

You would have seen many children around you keeping themselves busy in building the blocks. Then why not let your child try his hands on it? He can spend as much time as he wants and still, he will not get bored. Building blocks is known as the game to demonstrate the imagination of your child. If you do not have the building block game kit at home, then you can also let him play with the spare boxes or utensils at home. If you have cards at home, then you can ask him to make a pyramid from them.

Treasure Hunting

Children love to find hidden things. Hence treasure hunting would be the best activity for them to kill their boredom and stay engaged for a good time. You can hide any box or chocolate. Write some of the interesting clues and let them find them.

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