8 Portable File Boxes for Your Office or Home-Office Space

Not all can get the fancy office room they’ve often needed due to capacity limitations. As such, all the paper documents you work with at the workplace must be stored, anyway. Nothing stifles creativity like a messy desk, but what should you do to de-stress and clean up your files? By default, you find yourself a nice compact filing box!

8 Portable File Boxes for Your Office or Home-Office Space

Some of us identify the word “portable file box” with either the box that people in movies bring, as they’ve recently lost their jobs or been terminated. On the other hand, portable file cases are excellent storage options for compact workspaces as they fit underneath your table or within the document filing cabinets. Below are the top recommendations:

BirdRock Home Rolling File Storage Organizer Box

Portable file box comes in either natural materials, including wood, in addition to metal and plastic. This item has wheels for better functionality and is a stylish and sleek way to hold your documents. As it has slats, this is slightly open, allowing air to flow easily and preventing any harm to its components.

Simple Trending Desk Hanging File Box

This mesh version of a portable file box looks exceptionally trendy and lightweight, so if you prioritize style over protection, this will be the item for you. This file box can be placed on top of the table, below the desk, and also on top of the desk. If you decide to do something about it, we’re sure it’ll look fantastic!

Storex Portable File Box On Wheels

In terms of features, this unassuming document storage container has an impact. You’ve got a high-volume compact file box with wheels and handles, and we like how they handle could be retracted and put flat with the case while the file box hasn’t been in usage.

It is also worth noting that the cover has an extra pocket for smaller items like markers and clips. You can already tell that this box will last long, given the material use and how it’s constructed from the first look. This is perfect for people who work with tons of paperwork regularly.

Pendaflex Portable Desktop File

This file system organizer by Pendaflex would be another ideal buy. As compared to some other choice on this list, its corrugated texture gives it a sleek and contemporary design, mainly because its curvaceous model might easily be mistaken for just a signature product of former Zaha Hadid.

Collapsible Hanging File Folder Storage

Get a woven rattan pattern for your compact file box to add a natural vibe! Rattan, primarily as material, will surely add life to your area, making it an excellent choice for homes and offices. Its form of materials often deflects heat and allows for proper airflow, that’s why items such as this Welcare storage choice are commonly used in tropical environments.

STORi Clear Plastic Hanging File Organizer

This clear, compact file box is a big favourite for the great minimalist feel! There’s not really much else to tell about it, but that seamless face and lovely shift to translucent handle are stunning. It is used to stock various items, including art supplies, stationery, pantry essentials, and much more.

Akron-Mils 12-Gallon Plastic Storage Hanging File Box

It almost looks as if this file box will rebuild itself as the Transformers to combat the Decepticons at a specific moment, from its own rigid interlocking lid to the embedded metallic hanging rods within! However, in all honesty, this robust file box is suitable for holding even heavy documents. 

Furthermore, the eye for detail ensures that this is a beneficial and worthy buy. If you want to have a heavy-duty file box, don’t think twice about this one, it can hold heavier stuff and is guaranteed to last long. If you don’t like wasting money buying different file boxes, this one is the best option.

Decorative File Storage Organizer Box

Integrating monochromatic designs into such a simple fabric file box is a perfect way of turning them through workplace decor. This way, you won’t be thinking about covering them as they’re attractive enough to be seen. Like any office that loves neutral colours, this one will surely match any office theme and vibe.


Choosing a portable file box is quite hard, as there are a lot available in the market. Thus, doing some research will help you choose the correct item for your office or home office needs. We hope this article helps you out in choosing the best file box that’s perfect for your needs.

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