8 Things Every Cat Owner Must Have

Cats are among the friendliest pets to own; it’s almost like welcoming a new baby into the home, and you want them to fit in seamlessly. Whether you’re planning to adopt a cat or already have a pack of feline companions, it’s vital to understand that cat ownership isn’t always simple.

  1. Crate or Carrier

Bringing your new guest home can be tricky, so the first thing to decide is whether to get a crate or a box basket. A well-ventilated, easy-to-carry box is what one should aim for. A solid shell and a detachable mesh door may be arranged to make it suitable for use as a carrier or sleeping bag. A cardboard box does not provide adequate air circulation, and a terrified cat might certainly scratch her way through it. 


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  1. Food and Water Bowls

A designated food bowl and water bowl are essential to make your feline friend feel at home and develop a familiarity with certain habits. Both the food and water bowl should be easy to clean, dish-washer friendly, and have a good grip, making it suitable for both the cat and you. Shallow bowls work best if you’re dealing with a kitten, or a wider bowl will even fit a grown cat. 

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Cats are fussy animals and do not prefer to eat where they relieve themselves. Keep the bowls away from litter boxes and ensure the cleaning, not just the bowls but also the area.

  1. Food 

There is a wide variety of foods to select from. Find out what sort of food your cat was fed by the breeder or shelter and get the same from a pet supply shop, or one could buy cat food online

Just like it takes time for you to adapt to a new setting, your cat will also need to adjust to the lifestyle, especially to the food. It is thus advisable to initially stick to a fixed diet. Consult your Vet and create a diet as it may differ with the age of the cat.

  1. Bed

Although our furry friends prefer snuggling with us, cats are a different story altogether. These moody animals can gladly nap on your lap for one or choose to be left alone only moments later. So for all those times, a stipulated cat bed is what you need. 

The warmth of the bed and the plush feeling will surely make it your cat’s favorite spot, after your lap, of course. Place the bed in a comfortable position and make sure that the bed or at least the covers are washable.

  1. Litter Tray
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You may select from a variety of litter box designs. How about a self-cleaning litter box? After your furry friend is done with its business, an automated device does the dirty work for you, taking the litter out. While some owners enjoy the aid with cleaning that these boxes provide, they are rather costly, and the mechanism can occasionally startle cats.

  1. Toys

Cats enjoy playing, so make sure you have a selection of safe toys on hand. Cats enjoy pounces, so balls and catnip-filled mice are ideal choices. Do not offer your cat toys with minor components that may be pulled off, like bells, feathers, or pom-poms, to prevent the risk of choking.

  1. Posts for Scratching

All cats love scratches and screeches, so why not get your favorite pet a scratching post. Ensure that the bar has a solid foundation and refrain from any accidents. It doesn’t have to be huge and can be as tall as your feline friend. 

You will see your friend reaching up with nails and stretching. 

Yes! It is super cute. We know! 

  1. ID Tag and Collar

These tiny furry balls are anything but calm. So ensure that your cat is wearing an ID tag collar at all times. The collar should be comfortable for your feline friend. 

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You can additionally add a GPS tracker to his collar and be sure never to lose your cat. Customize your piece and add both your contact number and your cat’s name there, even adding a message or two. 

So do you think this helped you? Do you feel ready yet? If yes, adopt your cat today and create a bond you’ll cherish for eternity.