A Quick & Easy Guide on How to Regrip Golf Clubs

Golf is a game of strategy. It is a fun and quite fulfilling activity, but only when you have the skills and the right equipment. Assuming you already have the right set of clubs and other equipment, your scores, and overall performance will largely depend on your hitting skills and whether you have perfected your swing. Well, it is also crucial to note that how you hit the ball also depends on your grip of the club. This is where re-gripping becomes important!

Quick & Easy Guide on How to Regrip Golf Clubs

Not only will it help you save a significant amount of money, but regripping your golf clubs will also help enhance your grip performance. Factually, playing using the wrong size grips could be the one thing hurting your game score. With that said, here is a quick and easy guide on how to regrip golf clubs.

1. Ensure You Have All the Required Golf Club Regripping Supplies

For starters, regripping refers to installing new grips on your clubs. After making this crucial decision, the next important step is to gather all the supplies required for regripping golf clubs and setting up your workstation. You can as well purchase a golf club regrip kit online to make work easier. All the same, the following are the supplies you need to undertake the task. They include but not limited to:

  • New grips
  • Double-sided Grip tape
  • Hook blade or box cutter
  • Golf club regripping kit
  • Shaft clamp
  • Vice (check from your local hardware stores)

2. Remove the Old Grip

You will require a hook blade, a knife, or a stripper to remove the old grip. Slice through the grip so you can easily pull the old grip off. Note, always ensure you are cutting away from yourself at all times to avoid injuries. Always use a clamp shaft collar when working with golf clubs to head it steady. This also helps prevent injuries.

3. Remove the Old Grip Tape

After stripping off the old grip, now it’s time to start the tedious but fun process of removing the old grip tape. You could be wondering whether you can just add a new grip tape on top of the old one. While that might seem like a reasonable idea, experts recommend you strip off the old grip tape. Otherwise, adding a new grip tape on an old one only makes your grip thick and could hugely affect your swing.

Also, make sure you’re very careful when removing the old grip tape to avoid damaging the shaft, especially when regripping a graphite shaft club. You can also use some piece of cloth and some mineral spirit grip solvent to clean off any other residue.

4. Measure out the New Grip Tape

At this point, I assume you have successfully removed both the grip and the grip tape from the shaft. Now it’s time to prep the new grip tape. Pull out your new grip tape and measure the specific length you require. Often, you will need to measure the length to be equal to that of your grip.

5. Apply the New Tape onto the Shaft

This is the point whereby you’re in full re-gripping mode! Wrap your tape lengthwise in a spiral formation along the shaft while leaving about a ¼ or ½ sticking off of the butt end. If your hands are big, you will need more tape for a bigger grip to ensure comfortability when playing. Also, tuck or cut any extra tape off the clubs you’re regripping.

6. Coat the Inside of the Grip with a Solvent

Spray the shaft and make sure that the tape is properly covered and moistened using a suitable grip solvent or mineral spirits. Also, you will still need to pour some additional solvent into the grip with your forefinger at the cap of the grip securing the solvent from escaping. Ensure all the solvent has fully regripping golf clubs, coated the inside surface.

7. Slide-In the Grip onto the Shaf

Here, you will need to work fast, or else the solvent will dry out before you’re done. Immediately you’re done with coating with a solvent, open the club grip mouth and slide it into the shaft keeping it as straight as possible. Push until the shaft butt gets to the end of the grip. Once the grip has fitted well, go on and quickly adjust the grip accordingly to achieve your desired position. There you go! Your golf club regripping is done. Nonetheless, it is advisable to wait 6 hours before going out to play to ensure the solvent has completely cured.

Regripping a golf club can seem like a really daunting process. However, it will hardly frustrate you if you are well guided. Try the above tips on your next visit to the golf course or while playing through a golf simulator. With the guiding tips on this piece, you will hopefully find it a walk in the park to regrip golf clubs.

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