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Advantages of hiring an agency to get a Singapore work visa

Singapore is one of the best places to get a work visa in. That is because it houses the biggest corporations all over the world. These businesses come from industries like mining, healthcare, and even the journalism industry. These corporations have made Singapore economy to be one of the best all over the globe.


These businesses have also made Singapore be one of the hot spots when it comes to job opportunities, their existence in Singapore has opened many job positions that require different skill sets. With this Singapore allows foreign individuals to work in their country. 


If a foreign individual is interested in working with any Singapore-registered company he would have to secure an S pass work permit or other visas. It is easy to acquire a work visa in Singapore as long as you have a sponsor company or a trusted third-party agency. 


The different work visas in Singapore can be processed or accomplished by a local Singapore registered company or an agency that is acknowledged by. Singapore In most cases it is highly advisable to hire an agency to lessen the complications ahead. 


If you want to secure your own S pass work permit or other work visas using a service provider then this article is for you. Here are some of the advantages that you can get from hiring an agency to get a Singapore work visa. 


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Better knowledge of processes

Singapore offers a relatively easy process when it comes to acquiring a work visa. That is because it acknowledges the need or demand of professionals from the businesses presents here. However, these processes may still be complicated to understand especially if you are not used to doing it. 

That is the reason why hiring a third-party agency to get you an S pass work permit may be more advisable. The professionals in the agency that you will hire have proper knowledge and experience in the work visa application. They can take over and make sure that all documents and other necessary paperwork are in place. This way your work visa application can go smoothly. 


It is also considered to be more cost-efficient to hire professionals that are well-versed when it comes to these application process. When applying for an s pass work permit or other visas available the Singaporean government usually charges a fee. This means that your time and money resources are in the line. 


Hiring a service provider can make sure that all the resources you will shell out will be worth it. Even if you have to pay a significant amount of money to the agency to process the application, this amount will surely be helping you acquire the visa. There is a higher chance that you will be approved and issued a work visa if a third-party agency processed your application.  

Access to professional help

In applications in your home country or foreign countries, there will be complications or issues that will arise along the way. These kinds of things are normal and sometimes inevitable. However, it is important to have a professional or a team of experts to help you get over these kinds of complications. 


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A third-party agency can help you face these kinds of issues and mishaps so that you can carry on with the application. These professionals or service providers can help you straighten out problems along the way. 


Types of Visa

Employment pass

The type of work visa for professionals is the employment pass. This visa is issued to foreign individuals who have a job offer in Singapore. However, one condition that must be met is that the job offer must be at the level of executive or managerial. It can also be a specialized job offer that requires professional qualifications. 


The individual must be earning at least $4,500 at the date of the application. Additional requirements are that the candidate must have a good university degree as they are applying for a professional position. Additional credentials like training and certifications are also most preferred by the Singaporean government. 


This type of work visa can be applied for by the employer or a sponsor company in Singapore. It can also be processed by a third-party agency.  if you are interested in this type of employment, you can check your qualification through the self-assessment tool. 

S pass

If there is a visa for professionals then the S pass work permit is for mid-skilled workers. These workers vary from truck drivers, flight attendants, bartenders, waiters, or taxi drivers. They need to have at least a $2,500 monthly salary when they apply for this kind of visa. 


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It is also more preferred to have a university degree to qualify for this kind of visa. However, since the S pass work permit is for mid-skilled workers then training certificates or diplomas can also be considered. The certification should be at least one year worth of full-time academic study. 


Family members of S pass work permit holders are also allowed to go to Singapore. Their visa can be processed by the employer or the agency as well. A legally married spouse will be given the dependent pass and would allow them to work in Singapore as well. 


Unmarried children under 21 years old can also acquire the same kind of visa. Singapore acknowledges common-law spouses that is why they will also be providing a long-term visit pass to them. The long-term visit pass is also applicable to step-children and unmarried handicapped children. One additional benefit of the S pass work permit is being entitled to medical insurance from the employer. 

Personalized employment pass

If you want to upgrade for the employment pass then this type of work visa is for you. There are two types of candidates who can qualify for this type of working visa. The first one is an individual who is already an employment pass holder. They can apply for this visa if they are already earning at least  $12,000. 


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A foreign individual who is earning at least $18,000 and still working outside Singapore can also apply for this. Individuals who are interested can apply directly for this permit. If the personalized employment pass is approved then the individual can enjoy working in any sector in Singapore. 


Approve individuals are also not required to apply for a new type of visa when they want to change jobs. All they have to do is to notify the Singaporean government that they are changing employers. 

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