Advantages of Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is one of the most standard word processing programs that is used with most computers. This program is not simply for creating documents but also has many other features that are related to word processing including many word formatting and styling options. This program not only allows you to create, edit and modify documents at will but is your perfect companion for managing printable material. There are several advantages that make this program worthwhile whether in a work environment or in an academic environment. Some of the advantages are as follows. 

Ease of availability 

One of the biggest advantages of Microsoft Word is that it is easily available everywhere. Not only is it easily available but also comes as standard with many personal computers. It’s typically found on PC’s available at your school or work for usage. Moreover, considering it is easily available everywhere this means that you can carry around your work in a flash drive and easily access it anywhere where there’s a PC. You can usually find MS word on almost all PCs considering it is used so widely. 


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Incorporation with other Office programs

Another advantage of using Microsoft Word is that it is easily incorporated with other  MS Office programs. This means that you can easily paste your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet over your Word Document. This can also work with PowerPoint and other programs. What this means is that you can complete a wide range of tasks all over Microsoft Word without having to convert those documents or files. However if you have a PDF file you may have to convert it using Pdf File To Word Document Free online or offline tool considering there’s a difference in the format of file.  


Easy to use

Microsoft Word is really easy to use and comes with a lot of features to enhance your work. These simple features make you work easy and save a lot of time. One such feature is the grammatical error or misspelling highlighter which is normally an underline of various colors depicting different types of error and the possible changes that you could make to it. This is not just limited to words but also sentences as well. Microsoft Word will underline the errors for you and provide you with possible suggestions. There are other such features that aid you in your work. 

Easy to Navigate

Microsoft Word comes with an easy to navigate pane. This is a pane full of a variety of functions that you may require in the form of visible icons. You can simply move your cursor over to the icon and it will display the description and use of the function. Once you know the functions of the icons you can easily use them to initiate those functions without having to go through multiple menus for it. 


Microsoft Word is a very simple word processing software that allows you to create and edit things at will. This comes with a variety of features like clip arts, fonts, sizes, table, borders, bullets and many other features that can help the overall outlook of your document. It is used widely because of its duality in incorporation with other Office programs. It’s no longer hard to make numerous documents at home in a variety of formats. 

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