All you need to know about feeding birds to sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are the absolute food for a lot of birds. Not only are they tasty but full of essential nutrients that provide a lot of healthy fats and proteins. Some types of birds who like eating black sunflower seeds such as nightingales, golden sparrows, black-billed magpies and etc

Properties of Black Sunflower Seeds


The common sunflower plant, Helianthus annuus, is the source of all varieties of sunflower seeds. Different bloom sizes, flower hues, stalk heights, and seed yields are produced by numerous specialist and hybrid flower kinds. However, the seeds they produce are comparable, and sunflower seed is a well-liked kind of bird food.


Black oil seeds are meatier and have more oil than striped sunflower seeds, giving birds more nutrition and calories with every bite. Additionally, black oil seeds have thinner shells that are simpler for little birds to crack.


Why do birds love black sunflower seeds?


It’s interesting to note that black oil sunflower seeds, unlike striped sunflower seeds, are solely utilised to extract oil. It was later found that many birds enjoy this seed. Most seed-eating birds can readily fracture the black sunflower seed’s hull since it often has a fairly thin shell. A striped sunflower seed’s shell is substantially thicker and will be difficult for birds with smaller, weaker beaks to crack.

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Some Popular Birds who love black sunflower seeds are:


Finches: Finches have a forked tail and a plump body. They enjoy eating sunflower seeds and have a small, pointed beak that is useful for cracking open seed shells. It would be wonderful to get finches to your garden because they are little, don’t eat a lot, and chirp cheerfully.


Nuntatches: Brown underpants, a black line across the eyes, and bluish-grey back feathers are characteristics of nuthatches. The typical diet of nuthatches consists of grains, nuts, and insects. The term “nut hacker”, which describes the motion this bird does to open a nut, gave rise to the name” nuthatch.”


Sparrows: They enjoy eating a variety of seeds, and black sunflower seeds are one of those. They consume more insects as well, which gives their bodies more protein.


Chickadees: Chickadees have contrasting pale and dark patches on their feathers. Chickadees are gregarious and unafraid of people. Beans, peanut butter and tiny nuts are often what they eat. Additionally, they consume insect eggs or pupae.

Pros and Cons of feeding birds black sunflower seeds


In addition to being prefered by birds, black sunflower seed is a sensible option for bird owners. Black sunflower seeds are inexpensive and simple to locate at bird food stores as wholesome food.

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However, there are several issues that might arise when giving black sunflower seeds to birds that you should be aware of.


Seed pods can end up all over the place since birds have to first peel off the shells before eating. Several biochemicals found in the coatings of black sunflower seeds have the potential to impact the plants in your garden.


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