Basic Strategies While Using Online Teaching App

If you are looking for easier ways to interact online with your students, we can help with different ideas to adapt to the teacher app. It will help you engage students with your content, and all the endless hour struggle will come to an end. Teachers from different countries are working together to come up with a new revolution in online learning. Here are the top 3 strategies which you can adopt while using an online teaching app.

Include Live Discussion and  Doubt Clearing Session for More Engagement

The teacher app provides the students with a live discussion app feature, which helps them raise their questions. You can post different questions on the discussion forum and ask your students to answer the same verbally. Students can interact with your online teaching classes with your live video session. It is considered to be the most convenient way to promote online learning. 


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Teacher apps allow teachers to test students and track their progress easily. The teacher can simply put the questions along with the required instructions and enable students to answer them. 

Use Screen Recording or Screen Sharing to Teach Concept

You can teach your students new techniques such as 3-D graphics, Powerpoint presentations, and animation. App for teaching online provides the teacher with video recording software and enables you to share your screen with students while moving from one presentation slide to other. You can add these videos to the class library section. This feature help students to revise the concept whenever they want. Further, you can also record your lessons like final examination tips, how to attempt the question, doubt discussion, and many more through this feature. 

Make Your Class Session More Interactive for Students

Teachmint is one of the best teacher apps that will help you make your live classes more interactive. It allows students to ask any doubt from the teachers during the live class session. You can also upload your previous lesson and presentation, which will help students to revise it while learning. You can do many fun activities like QnA, Polls, Drawing, quizzes, and more to make your class more lively; Students will never feel bored during the entire session and interact actively with you throughout the classes.

Choose Right Teaching Apps to Make Your Classes More Interactive

You must be aware of the features and USP of the app you are selecting to teach online. The management system and user interface are the first and foremost things you need to check while choosing a teacher app. I suggest you go for the teachmint app as the technology and in-build support team will never disappoint you. They have unique features such as live class recording, whiteboard, fee collection, and many more. You can contact their team whenever in doubt, and they will assist you with all kinds of solutions. 

Make a Transparent Approach Towards Your Classes and be Consistent

Parents are always eager to know about the methods students are getting involved in, and they want to know everything from your approach to student progress analysis. They want to have clear interaction with the teacher, and you can organize parents meeting at the end of exams monthly or bi-yearly to make their presence more valued. Teachmint covers all the expectations like progress report analysis of students, a proper reminder of their assignments, Doubt clearing session, and fee collection portal for students. 

Final Words

Online teaching apps help students access a lot of courses and help them crack government exams. The tips and tricks mentioned above will help teachers to make their sessions more interactive while teaching online through the app. It would be best to be calm while using the teacher app, as there is no magic stick that allows you to make money rapidly. Edtech learning comes with some trouble, and you might feel left out, but engaging with students can work like a miracle to avoid this feeling. Engagements require to maintain the enthusiasm of classes and avoid any overthinking. Instead of self-doubt, download the teachmint app and guide your students in the learning process. 

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