Uses Of Motion Graphics In Marketing

Benefits Of Using For Motion Graphics In Marketing

There is a new trend every year that industry experts proclaim to be the marketing future. In 2014, it was Motion Graphics, and ever since, it has been widely used and accepted.

Introduction To Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are an animation offshoot and are utilized extensively nowadays. Specifically, graphic motion is used to animate or move design components, shapes, objects, pictures, and text. Although motion graphics are an animation form, there’s more to it.

It is a fusion of animation, visuals, and text in order to provide the user with information in a creative manner.

It is beneficial to produce eye-catching explanatory films, presentations, and even social media posts using smart text, voice-over, live footage, and sound.

Motion graphics have taken graphic designing to an elevated level. You don’t need a story to produce content using motion graphics. However, you can utilize motion graphics to create an intriguing version of your brand or add some enthusiasm to a boring old chart in a video presentation.


Here’s what you can attain by using motion graphics in your marketing campaign. 

Uses of Motion Graphics 

Establishes a consistent brand identity

One of the limitations of live-action is how it may convey your corporate identity. Unless you have an unlimited budget, there are too many ways you can integrate your logo into your film without it becoming overpowering.

Brand awareness and connection are the true driving forces behind conversions. There are no limitations to the number of ways you can discreetly integrate your business into your content using motion graphics.

Motion graphic artists showcase your brand’s message in writing and the form of music, design, and even movement. This will result in a strong impact among the audience and will create a lasting impression.

In today’s over-saturated market, just being visible isn’t enough. You must be immediately identifiable and, more crucially, remembered.

Motion graphics provides you with a degree of control that is just not possible in live-action by enabling you to embed your brand message across every element of your video production.


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Attract the Viewer’s Attention

Microsoft research showed that people have an eight-second attention span, nine seconds less than a goldfish. Furthermore, human attention falls by 88 percent each year. This implies that it is highly probable that your audience does not look at the contents but skim them fast. They are more inclined to move along to the next item if it is not fascinating.

Graphics and intriguing graphics have the ability to capture attention in a rapidly changing internet media environment. However, motion graphics take it a step further by integrating audio, images, animation, and music to capture your viewers’ attention in a short period of time.

As per Facebook research, simply viewing 10 seconds of a media platform commercial featuring motion graphics increases brand recognition.

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Makes content exciting 

If your audience likes your video advertising, it boosts your brand by 139% and will increase the purchase statistic by 97%.

 With the help of a little design, even the most boring technical version can become an award-winning story, especially when combining motion graphics with other media like animation.

Conveying emotion in advertising has shown a beneficial effect even on B2B business in customer decision-making. With people’s attention becoming shorter, a 1000 word blog won’t impress the audience much. You have to grab their attention by creative means and hold it quickly.

Higher rates of retention and engagement 

65% of people are watching only 3/4 of a video, which is more than we can say for material focused on text. So when you have a message, motion graphics and video are at the top of your list to convey your message.

Furthermore, your audience is ten times more likely to share and interact with video content than with blog posts or pictures. Video continues to be the media that drives the most interaction. This is true of motion graphics as well.


Enhances engagement on the posts

When you employ motion graphics in your social media posts and advertisements, you draw attention and amuse your audience. This results in increased engagement and brand exposure.

Motion graphics are much more appealing because they pique your interest via your emotions. Consider viewing a short video with mood-setting graphics, powerful visuals, superb text, narration, and sound. If you enjoy it, you’ll probably like it, remark on it, and perhaps share this with your friends.

Because social video generates 12 times as many shares as text and images combined, it is an excellent choice for social media posts, ads, presentations, promotions, and other types of marketing communications campaigns.

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Today, the world’s content consumption is moving away from laptops and desktop computers and toward mobile devices.

In fact, more than half of people view movies on their smartphones or tablets, and the wonderful thing about motion graphics material is that it can be played on any device. As a result, you will have additional chances to reach your target audience with consumer content.

With 100 million minutes of content viewed on Facebook each day and 10 billion video views on Snapchat daily, social media provides many possibilities to get your work noticed and shared. However, unlike any other medium, motion graphics make it much simpler to create amazing, viral content.

It provides a high rate of return for a little initial investment

The ability to provide value is among the essential things your material can provide. It must be both educational and engaging at the same time.

In today’s media environment, facts are preferred over-speculation, and data is preferred over opinion. If you can offer this successfully and regularly in your content, your audience will have more confidence in you and want to develop a connection with you.

In order to distill complicated data into larger-picture tales and insights that individuals can comprehend and apply to their own lives, motion graphics must be used.

After all, you may be claiming that sales have tripled, but really seeing the chart increase has a greater and more memorable effect than just stating the numbers.

Viewers like motion graphics because viewing video is an essentially passive experience that takes no effort on their side. It is preferable for spectators to sit back and relax while watching the program rather than aggressively combing through a 1500-word essay.

Motion graphics material is not only a great way to develop your brand; it has also been shown time and time again to drive conversions effectively.

In addition, motion graphics material on your website, whether in the form of an explainer video, social video, or even a presentation, has been found to improve the likelihood of obtaining a first page.

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