Best cities for students in Canada

Best cities for students in Canada to study and living

The Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) has explained in their research that around 60% of international students are likely to stay in Canada after completing their graduation. The main reason for this amazing popularity of Canadian cities among foreign students is the high-quality education of its institutions and the secular and friendly nature of the residents in the cities for students in Canada. The topmost popular cities for students in CanadaBest cities for students in Canada

  • Toronto
  • Montreal
  • Vancouver
  • Ottawa 

All these cities have the most famous and reputed universities in Canada, which are very much famous among the international students who have a dream to study in world-class institutions. Some relevant features of all these student cities such as best universities and their courses and circumstances of these cities which can help students to choose the right place.
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Toronto is the capital of Ontario. Toronto has several esteemed universities and education institutions in Canada. It is known as one of the best cosmopolitan cities for students in Canada across the whole world. Here around 50% of people belong to multicultural people which shows that Toronto welcomes all the students from different countries of the world such as from Africa to Europe and Asia. Around 160 languages are spoken only in Toronto which can be enough to evident the popularity of Toronto amongst the international students. Toronto has 11 ranks as the best student city around the world. 

Top-ranked Courses In Universities Of Toronto


  1. University of Toronto: According to QS World subject it has 18th Rank for Engineering in the year 2019 and has 29th Rank in world’s best University, Here is the list of some streams offered by this university to their students who are willing to Study here, 
  • Applied Science and Engineering
  • Architecture and Design
  • Ryerson University
  • Arts and Science
  • Masters of Science (Computer Science)
  • Masters of Science in Analytics and Data Science.


  1. Trent University
  • Masters of Science in Material of Science.
  • M.Sc. in Big Data Analytics.


  1. York University
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Design and Law
  • Communications and Media


  1. Humber College
  • Diploma in Computer Engineering Technology
  • Graduate Certificate in Business Management

Factors that make Toronto a student-friendly city – 


  • Toronto is a beautiful city full of life and it has several restaurants and amusement spots. Some popular places are, 
  1. Lavinia restaurant
  2. Scaramouche restaurant
  3. Centreville amusement park. 
  • You can plan to do a part-time job for around 20 hours every week with your study program. 
  • You can get some specific part-time jobs that are easily available in Canada such as Content writer, Translator and Social Media Assistant. 
  • Transportation facilities are easily available for everyone and some famous transportation services are managed by Go Transit and Toronto Transit Commission. 
  • You can easily get a room or apartment on low rent for about 500 CAD per month and rise to 4, 000 CAD per month. 
  • Education fees for students are affordable ranging from 11, 000 CAD to 60, 000 CAD approximately or it can be dependent upon the courses of that college. 
  • Toronto has some major tourist sites which are an attraction for the visitors such as CN Tower, Royal Ontario Museum and Toronto. 


Montreal has the 6th rank on the list for Best Student Cities in the year 2019. Montreal has several eminent universities and educational institutions that’s why this city is preferred by international students to have their higher education in Canada. The lifestyle in Montreal is of high quality. Montreal has 2nd rank in QS World Rankings 2020, which proves that international students are more passionate about this city to have their education in comparison to other cities in Montreal is a home of different cultures which Increases the beauty of the city and the welcoming nature of the local people is make them at home which is significant as well. 

Top-ranked Courses In Universities Of Montreal

Best cities for students in Canada
Canada High Resolution Study Concept
  1. McGill University 
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According to a survey by QS World University Rankings 2020, it has 23 rankings among the popular Universities of the world. 

  • Masters of Education
  • Masters of Arts
  • Doctors of Philosophy


  1. Universite de Montreal

According to QS World University Rankings, this university has rank 137 in popularity among international students. 

  • Literature and Languages
  • Administration and Management Sciences
  • Fundamental and Applied Sciences


  1. Concordia University 

The Streams offered by this university:

  • Journalism
  • Art Education Visual Arts
  • MBA
  • Electrical Engineering


  1. Polytechnique Montréal
  • Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Modular Professional Masters in Chemical 

Factors that make Montreal a student-friendly city – 


  • The education facilities provided by the University are having international standards among the world level Universities. 
  • Students can get the best opportunities for jobs in different industries such as aerospace, big data, life sciences and health technologies. 
  • According to the Economist, Montreal is the safest city in the world. 
  • One would love to visit tourist spots such as Mont-Royal, Notre-Dame Basilica, Jardin Botanique. Visitors at these places cherish the memories of being at these glorious places. 
  • In addition to the above facilities, the monthly rent is available at the low price of 1500 CAD for a one-room apartment.


Vancouver is a very famous city of Canada located in the province of British Columbia which is a very popular coastal port and famous for the high quality of education system and well known as a peaceful city. It has a majority of people who belong to the minority group. Vancouver is the best place for students who belong to diverse cultures to get higher education. English and French both are the most commonly spoken languages by the majority of people in Vancouver. According to QS ranking 2019, Vancouver has 16th rank as the best city for students. Vancouver is not only famous for its educational institutions but also the significant beauty of nature and sports activities such as skydiving and hiking. 

 Top-ranked Courses In Universities Of Vancouver

  1. University of British Columbia 
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Rankings 2020 this university has rank 51 as a popular University in the world. The streams offered by this university are:

  • Psychology
  • Material Engineering
  • Science and Technology Studies
  1. Simon Fraser University

In QS World University Rankings 2020 it has got rank 314 and streams offered by the University are;

  • MBA
  • Bachelors of Applied Science
  • Masters of Applied Science
  • Masters of Arts in Communication


  1. Vancouver Island University
  • Engineering
  • Art and Design
  • Bachelor of Tourism Management
  • Applied Business Technology


  1. University Canada West
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • MBA
  • Bachelor of Commerce

Factors that make Vancouver a student-friendly city – 


  • Getting a room for rent in Vancouver is very easy and affordable. You can get a room on rent for about 600 CAD to 900 CAD depending upon which place you are selecting and you can get a room with all other necessities such as electricity bills, Wi-Fi and water supply. 
  • Local transportation services are very affordable and you can get a monthly pass of around 95 CAD. 
  • Some parks in Vancouver such as Stanley Park, Capilano Suspension Bridge and Granville Island are the centre of attraction for newcomers in this part of the country. You can indulge yourself in some fun activities like skiing and hiking. 
  • Some famous tech- companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce and Fortinet are also in Vancouver so that students have great opportunities to get jobs in these companies. 


According to the QS World Rankings, Ottawa ranked as the 45th best city for international students around the world. Ottawa is famous for its world-class Universities and educational institutions with well-qualified veteran faculty members. This is the reason more students are giving preference to this city to have higher education. The diverse culture and lifestyle of the local people make them more curious to be in Ottawa. A huge number of international students have come here from different continents such as Africa, Asia and Europe. The educational institutions of Ottawa have become an attraction among international students from all over the world. 

Students can get a place to live at a very affordable price and transportation is also very easy to have and not much expensive. Students can receive a lot of opportunities to get a job while doing their studies. Ottawa, specifically one of the best places for students. 

Courses That Are Top Ranked In Universities Of Ottawa


  1. University of Ottawa 
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The streams offer to students are:

  • Masters of Computer Science
  • Psychology


  1. Carleton University
  • Engineering
  • MBA 
  • Masters of Applied Science in Mechanical
  • Master of Arts and Communication
  • Aerospace Engineering


  1. Saint Paul University
  • Canon Law
  • Human Relations and Spirituality
  • Theology


  1. Algonquin College
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management – Bachelor
  • Graduate Certification in Green Architecture

Factors that make Ottawa a student-friendly city –


  • Ottawa is known as the safest cities for students in Canada so that it is a reliable place to live for international students. 
  • There are great job opportunities in different sectors of tech companies. Federal Employment Node and The Tech Park offer great chances to the local people and the international student body as well. 
  • Transportation is affordable and easy to get. There is a huge network of metro and other transportation facilities for the people. You can easily afford your monthly transportation expense of around 110 CAD approx.ALSO READ: A Delightful Morning Desert Safari in Dubai