Best Lipstick Combos Online   

Beauty cannot be defined but it can always be exemplified. Lipsticks had been one of the oldest forms of cosmetics, as its 5000 years old remains have been found across Sumerian archeological sites. The Ancient Egyptians used red lipsticks to indicate their social status. Today, lipsticks are used to accentuate the lips, making them look more prominent and more attractive. Today brands sell a vast range of lipsticks, each of different make and fashion.


Lipstick Combos


Cosmetics companies often bundle up their lipsticks in various combos which seems lucrative to the customers. In this article, we will find out the best lipstick combos that are available online.


●     Matte Attack Combo (2 pcs)


This lipstick combo from FacesCanada tops the list because it has got everything that one needs from a lipstick combo. This combo comprises two absolutely weightless matte lipsticks whose colors can be chosen by the customer. The lipsticks contain Vitamin E and jojoba oil that moisturizes the lips and keeps away dryness. They also provide a smooth texture that comfortably glides on the lips and the plush and rich in pigment formula bring out the colors more brightly.


This extremely lightweight and comfortable lipstick combo is very highly rated and it can be your next favorite lipstick combo at an affordable price of Rs. 399.

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●     Nykaa Cosmetics Power Pouts With Nykaa So Matte Minis- Bare Minimum + Wicked Wine + Naughty Nude (3pcs)


This lipstick combo from Nykaa is second on the list owing to its premium quality at an affordable price of Rs. 507. It provides a radiant touch with the same plush and formula that is rich in pigment in the mini version such that it can be easily carried. Its creamy formula provides for flawless coverage and precise application of the matte on the lips that will make them look gorgeous.


This product is rich in moisture, and as an extract of Vitamin E, it guarantees a soft, extremely healthy, and natural lip shade that ensures the lips are matte and smooth throughout the day while its creamy texture provides consistency to the lips. If you have been looking for the best lipstick combo at an affordable range, this highly satisfied customer-reviewed option from Nykaa should be on your list.


●     Nykaa Cosmetics Best Of Matte To Last In Minis- Janhvi + Madras Kaapi + Maharani (3 pcs)


The third lipstick combo in the list also appears from Nykaa’s wide range of collections. Inspired by the Indian look, this combination offers three different shades of color in mini forms. The Janhvi belongs to the nude hue, Madras Kaapi belongs to the brown hue and the Maharani belongs to the red hue.

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These lipsticks have the same plush and formula that is rich in pigment in the mini version such that it can be easily carried in a bag and its rich matte finish can provide the matte look anytime, anywhere. This transfer-proof lipstick lasts up to 12 hours and an amazing part about this product is, that it does not weigh upon the lips or dry them up.

This is available at an affordable price of Rs. 574 and you can definitely consider buying this and mixing up the colors to make life a little more colorful.


●     Nykaa Cosmetics Paintstix Matte Lipstick Nude Combo – Boho Babe & Flower Power (2 pcs)


This nude lipstick combo from Nykaa places 4th on the list because of its high quality and higher reviews. Nykaa Paintstix lipsticks offer 10 shades with a soft matte finish so it will definitely be an upgrade over any other lipstick. Its formula is non-drying and is enriched with Vitamin E ensuring the lips are well moisturized and the lipstick feels lightweight.


The key features of this product are many, starting from a waterproof soft matte finish that stays on for as long as 6 to 8 hours to a formula that is enriched in Vitamin E which makes the lipstick feel lightweight and ensures that the lips are well moisturized. If you are in search of a nude lipstick combo then this will suit you perfectly. It is superb in quality, is highly rated, and is available at Rs. 798.

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●     Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipstick, Matte Finish, (Pack of 2) – Rich Ruby & Divine Wine


This lipstick combo from Maybelline is for those who want a sensational hue for their bold looks. It comes in two colors, rich ruby, and divine wine. Maybelline New York’s lipsticks are made from pure pigments such that it provides a bold, beautiful, and long-lasting look. Its rich formula gives a velvety feeling to the lips while moisturizing them at the same time.


The features of this lipstick combo include a creamy and extremely smooth matte look that lasts for a long time. Its formula ensures the lips are well moisturized and not dried up. The lipstick is comfortable to wear and feels weightless. In Rs. 526, Maybelline has made a great product that is very highly rated. This product too is highly recommended.


●     Lakmé Cushion Matte Lipstick Value Set (3 pcs)


This lipstick combo from Lakmé is in the list due to its supreme quality and extreme longevity. Lakmé lets you pick three Cushion Matte lipsticks from its vast range of available colors, varying from bright red to various pinkish hues to orange and finally brown.


The Lakmé Cushion Matte lipsticks come with a soft matte formula that ensures that the lips feel comfortable and very soft at the same time. The formula is furnished with rose oil extracts that make the lips feel moisturized and does not dry them up. This waterproof lipstick lasts all day, so if you are looking for a premium lipstick combo at an affordable range, this product is right for you. It costs Rs. 699 and has been rated highly by users.

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●     Gala of London Mini Matte Lipstick Combo 1 –  Flower Girl (01 Hot Pink, 04 Hot Red, and 11 Berry)


This lipstick combo has the same plush and formula that is rich in pigment in the mini version and the bullet of the lipstick is so shaped that it will effortlessly sculpt the lips.


You will get three lipsticks at an affordable price of Rs. 267 if you decide to go for this amazing product.


These are the best online lipstick combos that you can buy.