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An efficient phone tracker is sought by the parents and employers for the extended security of their target users, and to protect their respective interest. The kids are having issues while using digital networks and social media, as they are prone to be contacted by cyber criminals over these networks.

Whereas, the employers are facing issues while maintaining the productivity of their employees, and to secure their businesses from concealed threats.

A fine cell phone tracker can record and monitor each and every bit of activity taking place on the target cell phone. There are many solutions but none of them offer a real deal.

The solution to the worries of parents and employers

There are many phone tracker applications that are presented for the needs of the parents and employers, but many of them hardly offer any real deal to the parents. The experts have suggested TheOneSpy as the best solution available to the parents in the current times.

TheOneSpy has started offering its services in 2011, and continue serving its valued customers matchless. The phone tracker service is highly recommended and acknowledged by the current users.

The android spy app TheOneSpy is the only service that can be installed on android and iPhone devices as well.

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The application can be installed on the target user’s phone by following the installation guide that is available to the customer’s right after the purchase of respective license.

A few users have problems while installing and fixing the application for seamless monitoring, but the said aspect is also served by the customer support center of the phone tracker.

The customer support of the application is available 24/7 to the parents and employers, and they can access the CS representative from the phone and web portal as well.

Surround recording through spy 360 helps employers and parents

This is the most promising feature of the phone tracker. This feature allows the end-user to exactly know what is happened around the target user, and what is the true spirit and essence of activities in the given period of time.

Let narrow down this aspect. The kids when, unfortunately get in touch with the cyber criminals, sometimes start roaming and wandering around with them, keeping away all the restrictions and precautionary measure prescribed by the parents.

The kids having connection with the cyber criminals are more exposed and prone to involving in criminal and immoral activities. The activities can include smoking, robbing, gambling, drinking, and much more.

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For negating this kind of issues, the parents want to look into the real-time whereabouts and dynamics of the child in order to have a clear reflection of child’s activities.

The feature works by bugging the mic or front or back camera of the target phone, thus reflecting a fair of insight of activities around the target child.

This feature has a vital significance in corporate sector as well, as we all know that the instance of allegations of sexual harassment is a new normal in corporate environment.

The female workers accuse the male workers of the harassment charge more than ever before. If the issue prevails, the business and organisation can lose its effectiveness.

Because, the women empowerment and security is considered as a vital indicator of the developing society, and if a case gets public attention, this can be end of the story for the business and organisation. So, the employers need to address the said issue comprehensively.

Using this feature of the phone tracker, the employer can track back a certain point of time around which the activity is reported, and can identity the truth for the sake of greater good of the company.

Screen recording feature

This feature of the phone tracker allows the end-user to know what is actually performing on the phone screen in real time. The live performing screen activities can be monitored and tracked using this feature of TheOneSpy.

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The end-user can even assign the app to record the activities over certain and specific applications, these can be social media platforms or other application which are considered as fishy in any way.

The app records the short clips of activities performing on the target phone. These short videos are stored over the dashboard of the spy app, and can be accessed at any point of time.

Productivity and unproductive tabs

This feature is of great significance to the businesses and employers. The employers can assign a number of tabs over the android or iPhone devices as productive or unproductive for the business.

Upon doing so, the cell phone tracker maintains a log of all the activities performed over these tabs. This log is accessible to the employer through the dashboard, and by viewing the log, the employer can find out the true spirit of activities of the target employee by all means.

Internal storage tracking

The internal storage reflects a true insight into all the activities of the target user. The contacts, calendars, appointments, images and videos, and all other elements of internal storage can be tracked extensively to know what is true essence of activities of the employee or kid.

Website blocking

This feature allows the parent to block a number of websites that contain inappropriate and immoral content. If a number of websites are blocked out for the kid, the same links and URLs will never remain accessible from the target device, thus ensuring the moral training of the child.

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The employer can block a number of websites that are prone to having cyber criminals who look to pose cyber attacks on the business devices for gaining monetary and other illegitimate benefits.

Phone call monitoring

All the phone calls made or received over the target android and iPhone devices can be listened to in real time. The calls can be recorded for later reference as well.

GPS location tracking

With theOneSpy monitoring application, users can easily track the live location of any targeted devices. It makes sure the user to finds out the exact location with the use of smart phones. It empowers you to about the all visiting places of the targeted person. This feature helps the user to aware of all visiting and leaves the place. It helps to find out the location secretly and make sure the targeted person most visited the place.

Screen recording

TheOneSpy gives an amazing feature that allows you to remotely get access with the targeted digital devices. It enables the user to know the current activities of the targeted device. It helps the user to make videos of any present activity that is performed. It empowers you to identify the online activities regarding the digital world.

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SMS monitoring feature

With the help of TOS, you can secretly spy on the smart gadgets of the targeted persons. It also makes sure the user to monitors all incoming and outgoing text messages. It gives the opportunity to spy the all text, messages, and SMS. It empowered you to read them all conversation of the targeted device secretly. with it you know the all kind of messages without touch the device.


The best cell phone tracker for iPhone and android devices is TheOneSpy. The salient set of features and their working is discussed in detail. This helps addressing all the problems and issues of employers and parents by all means.