Boost up your career through MBA in Finance Management

Finance management is at the core of the career options after a master’s in business administration (MBA) specialising in finance. Finance is arguably among the most popular specialisations chosen by MBA students. It is a highly sought-after MBA discipline because of its enriching career prospects, promising high-paying jobs, and tremendous opportunities to grow exponentially. Continue reading this blog to learn how prospective students can boost their careers and grow their career trajectory through MBA Finance Management.

Finance is an integral part of any business organisation, sector, or economy. If you aspire to become a financial professional, then MBA in financial management can be a proven pathway to make a career in finance and help the various sectors in managing their finance. Through a structured course, you gain the competency to stand out in your business venture and become innovative with business ideas. 


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MBA Finance Management: Programme overview

MBA in finance management is a two-year programme divided into four-semester coursework that can make the students versed with a comprehensive understanding of money and finance. This specialisation in management prepares the students to gain expertise in the subjects, including behavioural finance, financial institution, and markets.

The finance management programme ingrains the knowledge, skill, and aptitude necessary to develop a holistic understanding of the specialised subject for the prospective students to become employment ready.

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MBA Finance Management Programme structure

The major topics covered in an MBA in financial management programme are discussed in this section. Learning these main topics helps in career growth as this post-graduation programme aims at providing expert knowledge and helping aspiring students to boost their career growth.

Here are some of the many topics covered in the two-year academic programme:

  • Financial Management
  • Financial Econometrics
  • Rural Finance
  • Investment Analysis and Portfolio management
  • Business Analytics

The well-designed course curriculum by the industry experts helps the students learn the theories and practices of the subject. When you enter a profession with cutting-edge knowledge and skills, that can help you boost your professional career. However, if you enjoy finance and management, an MBA degree with a specialisation in financial management is a proven path to carve a career out of it.

Career progression through MBA in Financial Management

Here is how earning an MBA degree in financial management can open doors for lucrative career opportunities. 

Following are the career options taken on by the MBA in Financial Management graduates:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Investment Banker
  • Private Equity Manager
  • Credit Risk Manager
  • Corporate Finance Manager
  • Corporate Banker
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Accounting Manager

These job roles cater to higher job satisfaction while offering a handsome salary. 

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If you pursue an MBA in financial management, you can gain hands-on experience through internship programmes to help the students learn how to work in a professional work setting. Extensive classroom learning and adequate industry exposure can boost your careers in the competitive business sectors. Are you aspiring to boost your career through an MBA in finance management? Then log on to our website and learn more about the professional degree programme in finance management!