CallMeCarson Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Birthday, Height, Parents

Facts of CallMeCarson
Full Name:CallMeCarson
Age:22 years
Birthday:10 May
Net Worth:N/A
Profession:Youtuber, Live Streamer, Social Media Personality, Online gamer
Youtube:Carson King Youtube

CallMeCarson is a well-known YouTuber and online gamer from the United States. CallMeCarson is also a professional iPhone 8 ball player, Twitch streamer, and owner of the SMPLive server. He is also well-known for bringing together older Minecraft YouTubers and reviving Minecraft through SMPLive.

How old is CallMeCarson?

Carson was born on May 10, 1999, under the given name Carson King. Carson’s 21st birthday is in 2020. TheBlueCrewPros was his former online alias. He was born in Indiana but currently resides in California. Likewise, Taurus is his astrological sign.

Caption: CallMeCarson, Youtuber, Live Streamer, Social Media Personality, Online gamer (Photo: Instagram)

His parents, siblings, and other family details are unknown. Though there is no detailed information about Carson’s educational journey, it is known that Carson used the yearbook quote “Subscribe to CallMeCarson on YouTube.” Furthermore, given his age, we can assume that he has already completed high school and is enrolled in a bachelor’s level college, unless he has decided to discontinue his educational journey or take a break from studies.

How much is CallMeCarson’s Net Worth?

Caption: CallMeCarson, Youtuber, Live Streamer, Social Media Personality, Online gamer (Photo: Instagram)

Moving on, CallMeCarson is estimated to have a net worth of $1.2 million. He makes money through his participation in YouTube, gaming, and social media, among other things. His YouTube channel has 88 videos, with over 241 million views. Similarly, CallMeCarson creates an average of two new videos per month, resulting in 587k video views and 4.7k new subscribers every day.

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Is CallMeCarson dating someone?

Carson is likely to be single right now. He recently revealed that his then-girlfriend Kate or Katerino had been cheating on him with his friend Fitz. He then revealed the names of those on the list. Kate, on the other hand, created a video in which she and Carson were not actually together.

Carson responded to a comment in his own Reddit confirming that his girlfriend Kate, known online as Katerino, had cheated on him for Fitz on April 1st, 2020. Fitz is a good friend of his. Carson also stated that, while this was not the primary reason he took the break, they were both aware of his mental health at the time of the incident.

He later revealed Kate’s other boyfriends. Kate’s manager, a small League of Legends streamer, and a few more unidentified people from clips were among those on the list. Carson apologized to Kate and Fitz on April 15 for jeopardizing their careers after all of the revelations.

Fitz later apologized to Carson on Twitter, which was well received by the fans. Katerino has also released an update video. In this video, she discusses how she was never in a relationship with Carson, how she is going through a difficult time, and how she is seeing a therapist. However, the community did not accept the apology as well.

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Carson returned to Twitter after the drama, and he played 8Ball on the iPhone against a number of well-known people. He also poked fun at the cheating incident on Twitter.

How tall is CallMeCarson?

CallMeCarson is 6 feet 3 inches tall, but his weight, chest-waist-hip, biceps, dress size, shoe size, and other body measurements are all unknown. His eyes are brown, and his hair is also brown.

Career line of CallMeCarson

  • Carson is well-known on social media. He’s also well-known as a comedic web culture commentator, with over 2.8 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Among his numerous videos are Invading Discord Servers and DeviantArt is NOT Safe.
  • Similarly, when his channel CallMeCarson first debuted in 2012, the username TheBlueCrewPros was used.
  • Similarly, Carson, RaccoonEggs, and TheNarrator co-hosted a podcast that covered gaming and entertainment topics. Solitairey Confinement is the name of the podcast.
  • CallMeCarson
    Caption: CallMeCarson, Youtuber, Live Streamer, Social Media Personality, Online gamer (Photo: Instagram)

  • Dan Povenmire was also able to meet CallMeCarson. Carson met Dan, the creator of Phineas and Ferb, while visiting Disney Television Animation.
  • Carson also played Minecraft with Gumball from The Amazing World of Gumball’s voice actor on multiple occasions. He’s Junky Janker, aka Nicolas Cantu. Joko, Pokay, Krinios, YoItsGold, and Archie, among many others, have edited Carson’s LIVE recap videos.
  • His main channel, CallMeCarson, primarily features videos of his friends. They use Discord voice chat software to review images, videos, or games with commentary.
  • Likewise, he has a second channel called “CallMeCarsonLIVE.” This channel features videos of Carson and his friends playing various games. Minecraft, Roblox, UNO, Portal, Gang Beasts, Human: Fall Flat, and other games are featured in these videos.
  • Under the username “bluecreepers1,” CallMeCarson uploaded his first video in 2011. Minecraft Multiplayer Adventures-Episode 1: Awesome was the title of the video.
  • He and a few friends ran this channel at the time, which had 26 videos. On November 25, 2011, they published the most recent video to this channel.
  • Then, on November 29, 2011, he posted his first video to the channel “GamerCraft157,” which replaced the previously mentioned old channel. There were 69 videos on this channel, and they featured games like Minecraft, Terraria, Happy Wheels, Skyrim, and Portal.
  • On May 7, 2012, he published his most recent video to this channel.
  • Similarly, on July 8, 2012, he posted the first video to his channel “iceboxSP.” This occurred following the creation of the channel CallMeCarson. This channel has been renamed “icebox Carson” for the time being. Carson’s new singleplayer series kicked off with this channel.
  • This channel, too, produced 40 videos, the most recent being on March 16, 2013. Carson then began uploading all new videos to his main channel, “TheBlueCrewPros.”
  • CallMeCarson announced on Twitter on March 12, 2020, that he would be taking an indefinite break to improve his mental health. Carson then returned to YouTube on April 24, the same year, with the much-anticipated video Best of CallMeCarson 2020 edition.
  • Carson joked at the beginning of the video that he hoped nothing bad happened while he was gone. He was most likely referring to the Katerino and Fitz saga, as well as the COVID-19 epidemic.
  • The following day, on April 26, he made his official return to Twitch and YouTube with the video I guess I’m back on his CallMeCarsonLive channel.
  • In this video, he expresses his delight at being able to return to content creation. He also stated that he would not be discussing or referring to the Katerino saga in the near future.
  • Carson and a slew of other streamers kicked off a season of SMP Live, a Minecraft Survival Multiplayer Series, in March 2019. On his Twitch channel, he did this.
  • The server had a hit system in place, where viewers could donate to have a streamer kill or prank any other player of their choice. Among those who took part in this series were @twomad, @cscoop, and @AntVenom. CallMeCarsonLIVE, Carson’s second channel, also has some of the game’s clips.
  • CallMeCarson announced the launch of his podcast, the UNZIPPED Podcast, in the video Weird YouTube Channels. This podcast featured four people under the age of 20 discussing uninteresting topics.
  • Goopcast was created after the Goop Squad uploaded four videos. They also removed four previous podcast episodes and added five new ones. They’re also on Soundcloud, where they go by the handle “Goopcast.” Due to trademark issues with this name, it was later temporarily renamed Fart Club. They renamed it Lunch Club later on.
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