Dental Perfect Academic Events: Excellent Rotary Instruments You Can’t Miss

Endodontic therapy is necessary to decontaminate and clear out physical hollows in your teeth. Dentists use a rotary instrument to conduct endodontic therapy. Sometimes, however, instruments may break, and pieces of metal can get stuck in your tooth. Therefore, dentists need to use the best rotary instrument during the root canal. Dental Perfect provides such effective rotary instruments.

Here, we will talk about the application of a rotary instrument in endodontic therapy and how dental instruments can help.


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Dental Perfect’s Academic Events in July

Dental Perfect conducted some valuable and informative webinars in July. These include:

What is Modern Endodontics Shaping?

 Dr. Marc Habib, who graduated with honors from Saint Joseph University in Beirut, conducted a webinar on “What is Modern Endodontics Shaping?” In this event, Dr. Marc Habib used Dental Perfect’s TF4 as an example to explain the knowledge of Modern Endodontics Shaping. 

A Paradigm Shift in Root Canal Treatments

 Dr. Giovanni Messina, who works at the University of Messina, conducted a webinar on “A Paradigm Shift in Root Canal Treatments.” Dr. Giovanni Messina is a specialist in Endodontist and Microsurgical Endodontic Implanology. You can get professional knowledge about this topic and understand the top applications of Dental Perfect’s S Blue. 

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How to Choose the Right Shaping System Since The 1st Steps of The Endodontic Treatment

 Dr. Riccardo Tonini, who graduated from the dental school of the University of Brescia in Italy, conducted a webinar on “How to choose the right shaping system since the 1st steps of the endodontic treatment.” Dr. Riccardo Tonini is an active member of the Italian Society of Endodontics and the Italian Society of Microscopic dentistry since 2010. In this topic, Dental Perfect’s MG3 is introduced as good retreatment rotary file.

Applications of Rotary Instruments in Endodontic Treatment

Dentists need to use a specialized rotary instrument while conducting endodontic treatment. Technology and the latest instruments facilitate faster endodontic treatment, so dentists need to learn how to use them when performing a root canal. Rotary instruments also reduce tooth matter and help shape teeth.

Some instruments used during the procedure are:

  • Burs: Dentists use burs to open the inside of the tooth and clear a path to the canals.
  • Excavators: Excavators help remove small tissues from the inside of the tooth.
  • Explorers: An explorer helps the dentist find orifices inside the mouth.
  • Reamers: Reamers, used gradually, help widen the canal.

To avoid endodontic disease or mistakes during the procedure, dentists can use ProTaper Gold Files to enlarge the coronal part of the canal. In order to remove filling materials that may cause this disease, retreatment rotary files are also a good option.

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How Often Rotary Instruments Are Used in Endodontic Treatment

Due to their usefulness, the application of Endodontic Treatment is very frequent. 

A study of 97 dental colleges in Chennai yielded the following results:

  • 31% of dentists had used a rotary instrument in endodontic practice.
  • 13% only used hand instruments.
  • 56% used a combination of both rotary instruments and hand instruments.

Another survey, this time of dentists in Tehran, showed the following statistics:

  • 98.4% of endodontists used a rotary instrument.
  • 50.6% of general dentists used a rotary instrument.

3 Excellent Dental Perfect Products You Can’t Miss in Endodontic Treatment

Some Dental Perfect products that will ensure a stress-free and safe root canal are:

  • MG3

The MG3 ensures a safe and efficient endodontic procedure. It rarely breaks and tends to clean debris better. Its cross-section design allows for sharper and better cutting force.

Its Apical design has a favorable helical and a non-cutting tip which improves guidance and reduces the chances of fractures.

  • S Blue

The S Blue, made of nickel-titanium alloy, has a balanced design and a leading apical. It has a unique pre-bend function alongside fatigue resistance which prevents fracture. With the S Blue, you can maintain the shape of the root canal.

S Blue

  • TF4

The TF4 is admirable because of its flexibility (owed to the Gold technology) and fatigue resistance. It comes in Silver and Gold. The Silver blade is tougher and more efficient. The Gold one is more flexible and heat-treated.

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Dental Perfect utilizes its 15+ years of experience to supply quality dental products to customers. Their automated system and research and development team help produce thousands of products every day. Customers find Dental Perfect’s products durable, flexible, and resistant to fracture. The products are also cost-effective, allowing for a good overall experience.