[Discounted] Online Educational Certifications Edureka

Are you confused about the right career option?

As the graduation years come closer, thoughts on which profession to choose start flooding the mind.


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Fortunately, there are plenty of paths you can walk on to become a domain expert by acquiring the essential skill. 

So if you want to strengthen your talent and land a dream job, Edureka has a wide collection of courses for you. 

Course instructors with a thorough understanding of the field make you aware of enterprise-specific practices. 

These courses are planned to make a student ready for the professional world. So, get ready to step into learning a new skill set and Save Huge Money along with Edureka coupon codes. 

Hurry up! And enroll now to get certified using amazing discounts each month. 

Now, let’s roll down to find the right career option for you. 

Top 5 Online Certifications by Edureka – 

  1. Mobile Development Certification Courses

Mobile app development is an evergreen career option.

85% of the world population uses smartphones. Therefore, apps have become a necessary part of life.

Based on your interest, you can opt for Android Certification Training Course or iOS App Development Certification on Edureka.

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Skilled developers will teach you everything you need to know about UI designing, Database integrations, and IOT advantages for Apps.

Both these certifications are not very costly. But you can still get the best deal on fees using the Edureka discount coupon.

2. Cyber Security Certifications

Cyber Security is a fascinating and valuable tech field. 

Technology is growing every day and so are cyber threats. Hence, many companies hire skilled cybersecurity experts to protect exclusive data.

Edureka offers two courses in this domain. The Cyber Security Certification Training provides Ethical Hacking, CIA Triad, Network protection, SQL injection, and more. You will get to learn Kali Linux.

And the CompTIA Security+ Certification Training is about security and network administration. You will learn risk management, intrusion detection, and the identification of various attacks. 

The course is suitable for students and IT experts as well.

3. Digital Marketing Certifications

Digital Marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries these days. 

There are many career options in DM, such as content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, online campaign planning, and many more.

To become an expert in DM, you can opt for the Mastering Google Analytics course on Edureka. 

It’ll give you a thorough knowledge of user reports, audience, behavior, and performance of various marketing platforms. 

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Mastering Social Media ROI is another wonderful course to understand strategic social media marketing.

The best part about DM courses is, anyone can do this and become an experienced online marketer. 

The prices of these courses are less than 10,000 INR. Yet you can always save more on fees via Edureka coupon code and offers. 

4. Data Science Courses

Today, all tech companies need data scientists. Hence, the opportunities in this field are growing every day.

As Machine Learning is rapidly expanding, the certification on ML would be a perfect choice. You will find almost 7 to 8 courses on Data Science on Edureka. 

You can choose the generalized Data Science Certification Course using R language. Or go with Python to expand the opportunities as a Python developer.

Any course in this domain is beneficial for a career in the tech industry. Although, these online programs are costlier for students. So don’t forget to apply for an Edureka Coupon to save a considerable amount of money.

5. Frontend Development Courses

Every website and app needs an eye-catchy user interface. 

With expertise in Angular, React, Javascript, you could be the frontend developer. Edureka has 5 courses to offer in the Frontend category.

To become a dynamic frontend developer, learn both Angular and React frameworks. Learning JQuery could also be beneficial for you.

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You can use all your creativity and logical expertise to design a highly functional website. 

Final Words

If you are planning to advance your knowledge and receive an offer letter from a well-known company, today is the chance. 

Although, you might be concerned about putting your savings into a course fee. But guess what? You don’t have to. 

Because websites like GreatBuyz offer upto 90% OFF on Edureka courses. 

Each year, hundreds of students are securing a high-paying job via Edureka certifications. And you could be one of them!