Car Ceramic treatment Christchurch

Do you know how to protect the paint of your vehicle?

The main thing to protect the paint is to always keep it in good condition, wash the vehicle every so often, quickly remove bird droppings and insects that remain on the bumper, avoid prolonged parking in the sun so that the paint does not burn, polish the vehicle from time to time to eliminate small damages, if any damage occurs, repair it, since if it is a sheet metal area over time it will rust.

What we should avoid: Car washes as they produce micro-scratches by abrasion. Avoid parking the vehicle under trees as they give off resin and it is difficult to remove it. Avoid using non-specific products for the vehicle’s paint, as they could scratch it and even remove the shine. If we are very meticulous, avoid parking in fair places, since when opening the doors, they will be hit easily. Driving through dusty areas will also cause paint scratches, living in coastal areas is also negatively affected by saltpeter.

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Knowing these recommendations, we can have the vehicle in good condition. There are different ways of caring for the paint of our vehicles, for a few years the detailing of vehicles known as detailing has become fashionable. It consists of taking the cleaning of the vehicle to the next level, it is intended that the vehicle is exposed, using specific products, accompanied by paint protectors such as waxes.

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The detailed ones have several steps, below we detail some:

  • Washing the bodywork: It is the first step in which a large part of the people who are going to wash a vehicle stay, special shampoos are used and to spread them gloves that do not damage the paint and try to remove as much dirt as possible.
  • Decontaminate the bodywork: A clay bar is used to which all kinds of residues that exist in the body that we have not been able to remove in the wash adhere, whether it be tar, resin, ferodo …
  • Drying the vehicle: This process is carried out by hand so that no product or water remains, especially glass, rubber … This will make it easier for us to see when driving, in this process it is recommended to use special cloths to avoid damaging the paint.
  • Plastics hydration: To give a new appearance or rejuvenate plastic parts that have deteriorated over time, there are products that are applied and plastics regain their lost shine.
  • Waxing the vehicle: This is perhaps the most laborious but most rewarding step. There are many types of wax, they are used to seal the bodywork, they offer a layer of protection against the sun, rain, dirt, pollution … They also offer great shine, leaving the vehicle rejuvenated. They are applied using a pad or cloth, the durability depends on the brand and quality, but they usually last from a few weeks to a few months.
  • Car Ceramic treatment Christchurch or coating: It is one more step, similar to wax, but with improved properties, it offers better protection since it is composed of quartz, after its application when drying, the quartz crystallizes forming a very resistant protective film. The durability is greater compared to waxes, the application is more complex and the price is also higher.
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It is very important to periodically clean our vehicle to make it look good, both exterior and interior, we will avoid substances that attack the paint or cause corrosion. Today we invite you to follow our advice and leave your car immaculate (you have to remember that your vehicle is your second home and if you use it daily it is very comforting to always see it decent).

We will divide our advice into two parts: cleaning the interior of the vehicle and cleaning the exterior of the vehicle. People ignore or do not give as much importance to the latter since the image inside the vehicle is not seen externally.

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We will start with the interior cleaning. The first thing we have to do is remove everything that is large (papers, pens, coins, etc.) and then we will remove the mats.

For the upholstery, we will use a brush for the seats and mats, its function will be to loosen the dirt and finish the job with a vacuum cleaner, leaving everything clean.

If we have a pet that can shed hair, we can use a special roller to remove the hair. Once the dirt is cleaned, we can use a special product for upholstery such as for leather seats or simply to remove what has been left inside or possible stains and leave a pleasant smell.

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Later we will clean the dashboard and glove box, we can do it with a cloth and some specific product, we can also do it with wet wipes. We recommend spraying the product on the cloth or cloth and not on the vehicle. To clean the air vents, we can use a small brush or brush, we can also blow the outlet to avoid musty odors. Finally, it is advisable to place an interior air freshener that gives off a good aroma every time we enter the vehicle.