eClinicalWorks VS Epic: A Complete Overview

Comparing two EHR solutions is not a piece of cake. It requires lots of effort and is a pretty challenging task. First, one has to evaluate the EHR systems by examining each and every aspect.  

eClinicalWorks VS Epic Definitive Comparison 

Today, we will compare two top-rated healthcare solutions, eClinicalWorks, and Epic. We have conducted the comparison here for you by comparing the features, reviews, and cost plans of eClinicalWorks and Epic EMR using the KLAS 2021 report. 

About eClinicalWorks  

eClinicalWorks is a booming EHR platform developed as an IT-driven solution for medical practices. From being a primary small-scale EHR product, the vendor reached the heights of glory as it got clicked in the market for its scalable nature.  

It showed rapid growth and shifted from a solution with limited mind share to one of the world’s most comprehensive EHR software. It owns a 13.24% market share,  which is quite rare for a newly emerged healthcare software as per the KLAS report.  

eClinical EMR taps into a broad healthcare community comprising 130,000 care providers and nurse practitioners along with 850,000 clinical professionals. It serves a national footprint across all 50 states, the 4013 companies using this system.

eClinicalWorks Features 


eClinicalWorks is an easy-to-use EHR system that comes with an impressive user interface. It is easily accessible from multiple portable devices and operating systems. This mobile-friendly solution simplifies routine clinical tasks with its intuitive design. Physicians can even customize it to include favourite icons and more for personalized needs.  

Customer Service: 

eClinicalWorks features a highly-responsive support team that hears out customers’ queries round the clock. The dedicated support team of eClinicalWorks delivers the best-in-class support to all care providers. It even offers technical assistance to all medical practices. The customer portal of this vendor stays open for all customers regardless of their practice size.  


This mobile-first solution enables physicians to scale their business with minimal resources. It comes with a built-in telehealth module that allows for remote care services. This feature alone makes up for the expensive pricing plans of eClinicalWorks. In addition, this facility assures remarkable video consultation and ongoing patient care. Thus, boosts patient satisfaction rate. 

eClinicalWorks Reviews 

eClinicalWorks enjoys an 82% customer satisfaction rate. It simplifies operational tasks to minimize the clinical burden. Also, it features remote consultation services like no other vendor can to enhance clinical effectiveness. It complies with HIPAA regulations to ensure the business follows legal guidelines. Additionally, it provides users with real-time meaningful data insights.  

eClinicalWorks Pricing 

eClinicalWorks offers three pricing models. It does so by considering the needs of various healthcare organizations and their level of business. Also, it facilitates physicians by offering 100% free data transformation from any other EHR vendor.  

  • For the EHR-only product, it costs $449 per month.  
  • For an EHR with a practice management solution, it costs $599 per month. 
  • Its RCM services cost 2.9% of revenue generation.  

About Epic Care 

Epic EMR is listed among the three key players of the industry. It consolidated its hold over the healthcare sector by scoring the highest market share. In addition, the vendor strengthened its position by featuring an integrated network of the largest healthcare organizations and care facilities.  

The 2021 KLAS report for Epic EHR reveals that this intuitive product holds a 31% market share. The reason behind this notable popularity is its fully integrated suite of solutions and its comprehensive outlook towards care management.  

Epic Care offers services to 1516 multipurpose care organizations, 150 critical access standalone hospitals, and 77 large-scale organizations. It supports patient information interoperability technology in hospitals and even small-scale practices.  

Epic EHR Features 


It offers a user-friendly interface comprising numerous functionalities. These functionalities can be accessed in multiple ways. Also, Epic supports both cloud-based and on-premise care services. Finally, there’s an option to customize the solution’s services at the time of implementation. This way, practitioners can personalize it to their clinical needs.  

Customer Service:

The customer help desk of Epic EMR stays open for care professionals 24/7. The vendor has hired an expert team for sorting out the complex queries of medical providers. Its responsive support team also helps professionals seeking technical assistance. Clinicians can contact the customer team via the help desk or directly over phone calls.  


Scaling medical practices is not difficult with Epic Care. This comprehensive care solution offers various third-party integrations that support next-level interoperability. Also, it comes with a robust telehealth solution that allows for virtual interactions over the web. Practitioners can transform their dream of scalability into reality with this high-tech interoperable software.  

Epic EHR Reviews 

Research report of KLAS shows that Epic EMR is supported by a 94% customer satisfaction rate. It is known for its simplistic design and innovative functionalities. It effectively implements the modifications requested by users to align its services to their goals. The telemedicine service of this system reduces clinical expenses to a minimum. 

Epic EHR Pricing 

Unlike eClinicalWorks, the pricing structure of Epic EMR is not listed on the official website. However, various review websites claim that it is relatively a low-cost solution. Users having practical experience with Epic Care say that its price ranges from $1200 to $50,000 annually. This price difference is because of the variant needs and requirements of clinical practices.  

Which Software Is The Right Fit For You? 

eClinicalWorks VS Epic, both solutions offer all the salient facilities you may need for keeping your practice up and running. eClinicalWorks wins the ground for its to-the-point customer support from professionals standing over the doorstep to fix clinical issues. 

eClinicalWorks enjoys considerable positive reviews and a high usability rate among healthcare providers. At the same time, Epic EMR solution is also backed by excellent reviews and a massive customer base.  

Set up a demo with both solutions and read their reviews to evaluate eClinicalWorks VS Epic EMR. This will help you decide which system best fits your clinical goals as you can explore their offered features and services.

If you think this process will suck your golden time, you can rely on the expertise of FindEMR. Share your clinical demands with us and we’ll conduct a thorough comparison to discover which system works best for you.

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