Essay on Newspaper in Simple Words

Essay on Newspaper in Simple Words


Essay on Letter – Essay on Newspaper

Essay on Newspaper

Role: Man is a social animal because he has intelligence and knowledge. He wants to acquire more knowledge than the knowledge that resides in man and for this invents various means. Science has made the world very small. Local distances have ended because of the means of transport.

Radio, Doordarshan and newspapers have tied the world in a family bond. With the help of these tools, we sit at home and read and listen to the news of distant countries. Due to the help of these means, we do not have to go to other countries.

Where, what has happened, what are the activities of which country, we get this thing from the newspapers sitting at home. The importance of bread and water in human life is as much as that of newspapers. In today’s time, newspaper has become an important part of life. The power of a newspaper is limitless.

It has a lot of importance in a democracy. The progress and downfall of the country depends on both the newspapers. Newspapers and their editors have also made a special contribution in the freedom struggle of India. When we wake up early in the morning, the first thing we notice is the newspapers.

Whenever we do not read the news, our day seems to be deserted. In today’s time, the news of any corner of the world spreads like lightning in a few moments all over the world. With the development of the art of printing, newspapers appeared to reach the news. In today’s time, every day detailed description of news is reaching all over the world through newspapers. In the present time, if any incident happens in any corner of the world, the next day its news comes to us.

Introduction of Newspapers in India: Before the arrival of the British in India, there was no circulation of newspapers. It was the British who developed newspapers in India. In 1780, the first newspaper in India was published in Kolkata called The Bengal Gazette and edited by James Hickey. This was the moment from which newspapers were developed.

Samachar Darpan was the first to be published in India. After Samachar Darpan, the publication of Udant Martand was also started. Soon after that, in 1850, the Banaras newspaper was published by Raja Shivprasad Starehind. After this many magazines were edited in India.

Just as the art of printing started to develop, in the same way the number of newspapers also started increasing. Today newspapers are being published in every part of the country. There are also some national level news which are published regularly.

Dainik Hindustan, Navbharat Times, Dainik Tribune, Punjab Kesari are some of the famous newspapers published in english language. Similarly, there are many famous newspapers in English which are read all over India. In today’s time, the newspaper industry has become a local industry as millions of people are directly and indirectly connected with it.

The emergence and development of newspapers: In ancient times, there were many means of receiving and sending news such as pigeons, horses, hawks, messengers, travellers, pundits and mystics etc. Narad ji also used to carry the messages of the deities from one place to another. He used to spread news in all the three worlds. Today’s Narada is a newspaper.

Newspapers began to be printed after the invention of the printing press. In the time of Mughals, the first newspaper of India was the newspaper e Mualle which was written by hand. Newspapers originated in China in the 16th century. The world’s first newspaper is the Peking Gazette, but it is a very early and ancient form of newspaper. But the earliest use of the modern and sophisticated form of newspaper in the form of printing was in the 17th century in the province of Basin, Italy.

His news was carried to other places as well. Then gradually its development in other countries of Europe also increased. Newspaper is closely related to printing. Just as the printing machines developed, in the same way the development of newspapers also progressed. Today newspapers are used in the world not only at the national level but also at the international level.

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Distinctions of Newspapers: There are many types of newspapers. Newspapers are divided into daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, yearly etc. Every type of news is given prominence in dailies. In other journals, articles of various authors on contemporary topics, reviews of any events, interviews of any dignitaries are published. Many magazines bring out a special issue once a year in which there is a large collection of informative, abstract material on literary, political, religious, social, mythological subjects.

Public Representatives: In today’s time, newspaper is proving to be the biggest means of spreading the ideas of the people. Newspaper is not the object of the rich but the voice of the people. Newspapers are the cry of the oppressed and downtrodden. In today’s time, newspapers are the ideal and catalyst of parents, school-college, teachers, theatre.

Newspapers are everything our counselors and partners are. That is why newspapers represent the views of the people in the true sense. Newspapers give a fresh and good picture of the past few hours. That is why it is said for newspapers that nothing is fresh from the morning news and nothing stale than the evening news.

Medium of Public Awareness: We do not only get news from newspapers but are also a medium of public awareness. Newspapers also work to bring mankind closer. They have special importance in countries where democracy has been established. Newspapers make people aware of their rights and duties.

Newspapers strongly criticize those works of the government which are not beneficial for the country or for the common man. It is a matter of happiness that barring two or four newspapers, all of them are doing their duty well. In the emergency situation, the newspapers of our country played a good role and strongly opposed injustice and atrocities.

Variety: After all, what is not in a newspaper of two or three rupees? Cartoons, important and entertaining news from across the country, editorial articles, scholarly articles, reports of speeches by politicians, information on trade and fairs, material used by women and children in special editions, criticism of books, plays, stories, serials, Novel, humorous, satirical articles, etc. special material is included.

Social Reform: Newspapers help in removing social evils. Newspapers improve the mood of elders. Newspapers are a beautiful instrument of light and refutation of government policy. It can also improve governance.

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