Everything You Need to Plan a College Club Fair for the New Semester

When you host an event, there are a lot of moving parts and components to consider. With something as extensive and complicated as a college club fair, there are even more considerations. To help your students have a good time and make meaningful connections with their classmates, you need a perfectly formulated event. If you want to host a college club fair to kick off the new semester with a bang, here are a few things that you’ll need.



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Whenever you have a large group of guests, you need to have amenities to accommodate them. This includes restrooms that can accommodate a large number of attendees  for a long duration. To avoid bottlenecking due to insufficient facilities, consider a restroom trailer rental that can be a short-term solution and meet your crowd’s needs.


Whenever you can, hosting in outdoor spaces can be a welcome setting. The fresh air and picturesque scene can be a beautiful backdrop to your event; however, whenever you host events outside, you should consider bringing in tents. Not only can these help you prepare for inclement weather, but a tent can also help your attendees avoid the dangers of prolonged sun exposure.

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Inclement Weather Plans

While a tent can help you avoid somewhat inclement weather, you need a backup plan in case the weather takes a turn for the worse. Wind, precipitation or unsafe conditions are a sure-fire way to ruin any event. While you may hope to never have to use these plans, they are a valuable asset.

Check-in Area

With many club fairs, you will have a large influx of students all at once, many of who will not know what to do. A check-in area with greeters can alleviate that confusion. Having directions, maps and people to answer questions will help you have a smooth and positive experience. Not to mention that this can help you track the number of attendees, peak times during the event and help you keep an eye on the event.

A Clear Path and Flow of Traffic

Because club fairs can come with large volumes of people and confused or excited students, you need to have a plan for controlling the crowd. Everything from avoiding bottlenecks in traffic to clear traffic patterns to clear signage can help you display a clear path. It can be incredibly frustrating and for many, anxiety-provoking to get stuck in crowds. You need to pay close attention to the flow of traffic if you want everyone to have an enjoyable time.

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Tables and Seating for Clubs

Whether you are displaying outside vendors or other student clubs, you need to have somewhere for them to showcase themselves. Tables and chairs are a must for any club fairs, as keeping vendors and club representatives are comfortable is key. If you want them to return, you need to make sure that they are taken care of.


If you are hosting an event with a long duration or you want to find a way to incentivize students to attend, food is always a great idea. Having snacks that can be eaten on the go allows your attendees to mix and mingle with the clubs, while also giving them some sustenance. If you want to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable time, don’t skimp on the snacks.

Clear Emergency, Communication and Accessibility Plans

Whenever you are hosting large gatherings or events, you need to ensure that you have well-defined plans. Everything from how communication is handled to how you will accommodate accessibility requests to what to do in the case of an emergency is essential factors that you need to consider. Having plans for all aspects of your event from communication to emergencies will help you stay prepared if anything comes up.

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When you are hosting a club fair, you want to help students experience everything that the clubs have to offer. A bit of preparation goes a long way in the road to a successful event.