Free games online, what is worth your time?

When you hear the words ‘free game’, it probably conjures up images of low-quality amateur projects or cash-grabs that are riddled with ads. There’s no sugar-coating it, this is the reality for a lot of free online games, but not all. There are some jewels hidden in there, some of which are not even that hard to find, which are totally worth your time.

Let’s start off by skipping all the bad knock-off browser games. Those were the only option for us back in the Flash era, but times they are a-changin’. We don’t need to waste our time anymore with poorly ported mobile games that are fun for two minutes at best.


Rust and the Armory of Weapons for Survival

The Path Of Exile Boost: An Easy Way To Level

Full Steam ahead

First things first, the elephant in the room, Steam. Even though they might not all classify as online games, there are a ton of great free options in the Steam library.

CS:GO, DOTA 2, Path of Exile, World of Tanks, and many other great online multiplayer games are free to play on Steam. It needs to be mentioned that many games like these have predatory loot mechanics, which can skew the balance of the game. Pay-to-win is a problem in the free-to-play world, which is an issue for those who want to enjoy a truly free gaming experience.

Nevertheless, browsing Steam’s catalog with the price of the game set to ‘free’ can yield some great results. Older games that are now being handed out for free or even amazing indie games designed to be free from the get-go, Steam’s library is full of wonders.

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MtG Arena

If you want to delve deep into a game and get hooked for life, Magic the Gathering is the game for you. With the advent of MtG Arena, a modern online gaming platform, Magic has taken a whole new gamer section by storm.

Magic is a collectible card game that started out in 1993. It is the pinnacle of card games and the base on which every other game tries to build on. There is a reason why Magic has survived for decades, while other games have fallen. A well-designed world of fantasy and rule mechanics that allow players to be creative goes a long way.

Even though the real-world cardboard game can be expensive, MtG Arena can be enjoyed without ever putting in a single cent. Although not perfect, the monetary system within the game allows you to easily grind what you need. You might not get everything you want right away, but getting gold and wildcards for free is not a tough task. Learning the game and understanding the mechanics is worth more than any amount of money you can put in.

This game comes with a warning. It has earned the nickname ‘cardboard crack’ for a reason. People who get in often find themselves as players for life.

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iGaming for adults

iGaming has a lot of free options available for those who like a bit of excitement in their lives. Even though slots and table games are designed to be played for real money, a lot of them have the option to play for fun. These demo modes can be either used to find the games you like or to just play them without ever losing any money. Playing for free doesn’t usually require any kind of an account, and if a site does require one, just move on to the next one.

There are also tools that can help with these games and make you better at them. If you are one who does like to put money down, it can be worth your time to properly practice a bit. For popular table games, you can try a free blackjack trainer or roulette and baccarat simulators that can teach you how to play each deal correctly. With their help, you can play better. Why do all the math in your head when someone has done it for you?

While some games are 100% pure luck, others have decisions that matter and make a difference. Learning how they work is a fun activity by itself.

Simply addictive io games

The name io games might not ring a bell as such, but many of us have seen these little games at least somewhere. They had a massive burst in popularity after big-name streamers and players hopped on them some years ago. The novelty has worn off, but the games themselves are as fun as they are simple.

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All of the io games follow the same set of rules. The player has to be able to hop on with a single click, the game has to be easy to learn but can be hard to master, the games need to scale in in-game authority and they need to be either competitive or cooperative.

If you still haven’t figured out what games they are, the name or might just do it.

The io games are a perfect example of a good browser game. They are fast, simple, and scale-up. If you just want to spend a ten-minute coffee break playing, they are great for that. On the other hand, if you want a free game that you can play anywhere and get better at, it can be mastered through training.

All of the io games can be found in If you just want to play the better ones, you might need to check the top list. There are a ton of games and some are clearly better than others.