Great Accessories for Your Workshop or Garage

There are plenty of different products that you can use to improve your workshop or garage: in terms of increasing your productivity, making the environment a safer place to work and keeping things generally tidier and more organised.

Here are some of our top recommendations for accessories to optimise your workshop or garage space, both for professionals and in the home.

Tool storage

Storing and organising your tools is essential to making your workshop not only tidier, but a more enjoyable and productive space to work in. There are many different tool storage options to choose between – the main considerations are in how and where you use your tools:

Tool bags and boxes

If you need to move your tools around – perhaps you work off site, or are involved in home repairs that might need you to move anywhere between plumbing a bath upstairs to wiring a light in your cellar – you need a tool box or bag. This kind of storage cannot typically hold as many tools as the more static options, but it is are great if you have a good idea of what you will need for the task at hand – simply load up with the tools you need and get going.

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Tool chests and cabinets are a good option if you have a lot of tools (like a full wrench set or a broad range of screwdriver sizes, for example). Top-tier models will give you drawers and cupboards in a choice of configurations so you can store and organise each individual tool exactly as you want. Chests and cabinets are a particularly good option if you want to restrict access to your tools as you can usually lock them – perfect if you have curious kids, or concerns about theft.

Wall mounting

Using Perfo boards or louvre storage panels is absolutely ideal for the static worker – those people who do the vast majority of their work in the same place. These storage panels can be easily wall-mounted or are available in workbench or freestanding models, and tools, components and other small items can be hooked on for quick, convenient access.


On the subject of working at a bench – the trusty workbench is the cornerstone of any decent workshop or garage. Get the right workbench and you will still be using it in a couple of decades – make sure the size is right, the materials and construction are of a high quality and that any storage units or attachments are suited to the type of work that you do.

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Keep it clean

DIY, woodwork, crafting and vehicle repairs all have one thing in common: they can get very messy, very quickly. Upgrade your workshop/garage with a wall-mounted vacuum cleaner. Good quality models will have a long hose so you can reach all around the space without having to remove the cleaner from the wall mount, and top-tier models will have dual wet and dry functions – so you can clean dust, debris, dirt and liquid spills all in one handy unit.