Guest Blogging Significance and How It Affects Your SEO

Blogging is a promising tool that inbound marketers use to attract ideal guests to their websites. Guest blogging is also another strategy that can bring quality visitors. If you are still not started toying with guest blogging then check out the significance of it in this post.

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Why guest blogging is crucial for your business? 

  • Share your knowledge on the website of other companies
  • Establish yourself as an authoritative personnel within your niche
  • Build contacts with likewise thought leaders
  • Expose your business to a totally new audience
  • You deliver a fresh perspective and content if you allow bloggers to post as a guest on your website
  • Featuring guest posts on your site keeps your fans engaged
  • You even get a promotional boost, when guest bloggers blogs get shared on their personal network 
  • If you lack resources to follow a solid blogging pace, the guest bloggers will help to offer fresh content

How to start guest blogging?


Undoubtedly, the web is flooded with spam, so ensure that you don’t get connected with such blogs or publish spammy articles on your blog. Find niche writers with a respected background. You need to approve of what they say in their post. The message needs to align with your personality and brand voice otherwise it can badly damage your business. 

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Things to consider before becoming a guest blogger or a guest host

  • Does the blogger or blog have active followers who share and post comments?
  • Does the blogger have a social profile, where blog posts get shared regularly?
  • Is the expertise matching your own?
  • Is their domain authority high that can intensify your SEO ranking?

How guest blogging can affect your SEO?

There is a concern about guest blogging hurting your business because of spam bloggers trying to bribe the blog hosts into approving for posting low-quality content. Check the blog DA, spam score before you choose the sites to get published. Their only aim is to gain SEO benefits and build backlinks. Many marketers are against this deceptive process. 

Remember, you are safe as long as you are committed to creating valuable guest posts and choosing a legitimate blog or site to post them. You don’t desire to lose great opportunities to build domain authority and enhance your SEO ranking. 

When your content is interesting and relevant there will a lot of backlinks pointing towards your site or blog. Google sees this and appreciates your effort with a high ranking on the search page. When readers share, like, comment, or get linked with your blog, Google moves your PageRank. It means your business or blog will possibly land on the first search page when someone comes in search.

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Google PageRank is an algorithm. It is unable to differentiate between spam and dynamic content. Therefore, remember that just filling your blog posts with keywords and links to push them up in ranking will hardly generate quality traffic and never establish you as a niche authoritative figure. 

Tips for guest blogging success

  • Keep the author’s bio short and clear including your website link. Many guest hosts prohibit your link included in the main body, but in the author’s bio, it is allowed.
  • Include a relevant internal link to your precious relevant content in the guest post. The guest host will allow this as it helps to enhance their traffic and authority.
  • Add call to action at the end, asking readers for feedback. More comments and sharing will get you better SEO ranking.
  • Promote the guest post on your social media profile.
  • Google Analytics will help you monitor the guest post traffic and identify what works for your brand.