Higher education at the universities of Florida, USA.

Florida universities provide an opportunity for international students to get a prestigious higher education in the United States. If you are seriously thinking about getting a bachelor’s or master’s degree in America, and are looking for a more budget option for studying in the USA, Florida is the state that provides an opportunity to study cheaper, get a scholarship and work while studying. The study program at this university is quite challenging, so you might want to get some high-quality online accounting hw help.

Higher education at the universities of Florida is popular among foreign students. Everyone knows that the cost of studying at US universities is high from $ 30,000, or even from $ 40,000 per year. It directly depends on the state in which the student is studying. Florida universities provide excellent opportunities for obtaining high-quality and in-demand American education and low tuition and living expenses. 


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Based on our personal experience, knowledge, and work with the admissions committees of educational institutions, we want to present you an overview of 4 major universities in this region. 

Florida International University, Miami

University of Central Florida, Orlando

University of South Florida, Tampa

Full Sail University, Winter ParkWhen we consider each specific university in the United States, we, first of all, pay attention to the advantages that foreign students can get. 
What benefits will you get by studying at the University of Florida?
1. The universities of Florida occupy high positions in the national ranking of US universities. 

Florida International University ranks 1st in the USA in the specialty International Business, and graduates of the program in the specialty Real Estate are considered the most popular among employers. 

Rosen School of Hospitality Management, which belongs to the University of Central Florida (University of Central Florida), is among the TOP 50 best hospitality schools in the world. By the way, UCF offers very strong programs in computer science (game design, cybersecurity, etc.). The university’s College of Computer Science is ranked 17th in the United States in this area. 

Full Sail University is a narrow-profile university, a professional school, a leader in the United States in training specialists in the industry of cinema, television, computer development and design, music business, etc. University graduates are in demand among employers in the field of cinema and entertainment, often their names can be found in the credits of famous Hollywood films. The lecturers here often require students to write an argumentative essay, so most students get professional essay help, or consult their peers.

The University of South Florida is one of the 200 best universities in the United States and ranks 140th in the national ranking. 110th place in the list of the best engineering programs. 
3. The comfortable climate of the state is more than 300 sunny days a year.

Studying at the universities of Florida is comfortable because of the climate. As one of our students said, you don’t need to worry about warm jackets and boots, summer is almost all year round here. 
4. Low cost of education in comparison with other US states. 

Florida universities offer low tuition for international students and this is probably one of the main reasons why students choose this state. A year of study at the university will cost you from $ 18,000 to $ 22,500. Accommodation in a residence from $ 7000 per year

5. Campuses of educational institutions occupy large territories. 

Often, about 60,000 people study and work on university campuses. There is everything here: classrooms, residences, sports complexes, cafes, restaurants, shops

In December 2017, I had a great opportunity to personally visit the US universities where all the students study. I have visited every university in Florida and I can say with confidence that educational institutions have all the opportunities for comfortable and successful training of foreign students in the United States of America. 

6. I have checked and recommend that you stay in the residences of the universities of Florida the most comfortable 

Last year, my friends had the opportunity to visit UCF, FIU, Full Sail, and USF. They have seen from their own experience that living in these educational institutions is the most comfortable, and offers students excellent conditions. Students can book various accommodation options with different types of amenities – single or double rooms, with a shower in the room or on the floor. 

Do not forget to apply to the university as early as possible and confirm your place in the program, so you will have the opportunity to book accommodation following your requirements. 
7 Scholarships for international students

It is well known that the cost of studying in the State of Florida is the most profitable in the United States. But that’s not all. Florida universities offer first-year students to receive a scholarship for 1 year of study, from $ 5,000 to $ 10,000. From the second year, foreign students have the right to apply for other scholarship programs. For example, the Florida Eastern-Europe Linkage Institute offers a scholarship for students of 2-4 courses, which makes it possible to pay the tuition fee for 1 year at the price of residents of the state of Florida. 

What are the best specialties to study at the University of Florida

Since the universities of Florida are multifunctional, here you can study any direction: business, economics, management, computer technology, hospitality, event management, banking, engineering, physics, theater arts, film production, directing, and much more. 
The most popular and prestigious specialties of Florida State Universities:

Film production

Video game development

Computer animation

Hospitality Management

Aviation Management

Business and Management

Finance and Economics

Event Management

Where to study in Florida?

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Educational agencies offer a full range of services for enrollment in Florida universities and registration of documents for obtaining a student visa. They are the representatives of the university admissions committees and help students to correctly apply for admission, pass an introductory interview, and receive a scholarship.

Florida International University

#5 International Business Programs

#170 Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs

#183 Best Undergraduate Business Programs

Scholarship: $ 5000 – $ 7500 – for the first year of study

University of Central Florida

#176 National Universities in the US

#91 Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs

#93 Top Public Schools in the US

Scholarship: $ 5000 – $ 7500 – for the first year of study

University of South Florida

#140 National Universities 

#81 Best Value Schools

#110 Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs

Scholarship: from $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 – for the first year of study

Full Sail University 

#33 Best Game Design Program

TOP 50 design schools 

#34Best College for Music in the USA

Scholarship: from $ 5,000 to $ 20,000-for the entire training program