How can I get Marriage Certificate in the UAE?

Expats marrying in Dubai must adhere to a series of pre-established criteria and processes. These criteria and processes may differ depending on the following factors:

  1. Nationality
  2. Residency status
  3. Religion 
  4. Citizenship 

Let’s look at the criteria for each kind of Dubai expat marriage and the requirements needed for a Marriage Contract or marriage License in the UAE.


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Pre-Marital Requirements in Dubai for Marriage 

Regardless of who you are or where you came from, you will need the following pre-conditions and papers to be married in Dubai:

  1. The bride’s permission is required.
  2. Emirates identification cards for the pair.
  3. Valid passports.
  4. Both parties’ visa status is unknown.

At least one individual must hold a valid UAE resident visa in the marriage contract (the groom, the bride, or the bride’s guardian). To find out whether your UAE visa is still valid, go for the UAE visa status inquiry.

Both the bride and groom must get a valid pre-marital health screening certificate from DHA primary healthcare centers.

How to Get a Marriage License in Dubai (For Foreigners and Expatriates)

If you are a non-Muslim residing in the UAE, your wedding may be held at a church or an embassy. Bring all of the necessary paperwork and papers for your Dubai marriage registration, such as birth certificates, passports, photocopies, witnesses, and so on. HHS Lawyers and Legal Consultants in Dubai can assist you.

Arabic Translation of Marriage Certificate


If you want your marriage certificate in English, you may do so, but an Arabic translation will still be needed. After you’ve received both English and Arabic copies of your marriage certificate, you may take them to a Notary Public in Dubai.

Certificate to be verified by Ministry of Justice

The certificates will be further authenticated by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ). Furthermore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will validate the certifications (MOFA). After that, you’ll need to go to your embassy to have the certificates verified. Visit both embassies for various nationalities. You may also seek legal assistance from court marriage attorneys in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

For Islamic Marriages in UAE (Expatriate)

If both the bride and groom are non-UAE citizens, a UAE residency visa will be needed for Islamic marriages (expatriates).

The groom’s father or his Dubai marriage lawyer would have to accompany the pair to the wedding.

The following documents would be required:

  1. There were two male witnesses. They should both be Muslims.
  2. Passports and copies of passports and identity documents for the custodian and witnesses are required.
  3. If appropriate, a divorce or death proof certificate of a previous spouse.

Are Dubai Court Marriage Services available online?

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People who wish to be married via judicial processes may do so in Dubai using online services. People may register their marriages online and get a Dubai court marriage certificate without going through all of the legal processes.

Getting married in Dubai may not be as simple as it seems due to many formalities that must be fulfilled before the wedding. Regardless of whether you reside in Dubai or not, you must follow all of the necessary steps.

What are the Conditions required to get a Marriage Contract/ Certificate in UAE?

  1. At least one of the parties must be a Dubai citizen or resident.
  2. The couple must be above the age of 18 lunar years.
  3. In order to read the identification data of the concerned individual, personal attendance is necessary, or the representative must be under a certified private power of attorney and provide the original ID.
  4. There will be witnesses (male).
  5. All documents must be soft copies in PDF format and translated into Arabic as a legal translation approved by the UAE Ministry of Justice. If issued outside the country, it must be certified by the official authorities: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the concerned country, the UAE embassy in the concerned country, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.
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What are the Documents required for a Marriage Contract?

  • For all parties, provide the information of their Emirates ID card (the engaged – Guardian – Witnesses)
  • After providing the original, upload the pre-marriage medical examination certificate in PDF format from an authorized medical institution (To ratify the marriage Contract)
  • In PDF format, upload an official private power of attorney (if one exists).
  • In exceptional situations, there are additional criteria that must be verified via the Dubai Courts contact center.

How to get a remote marriage contract (for Muslims) due to COVID 19?

From the registration of the marriage contract through the reading of the Quran, Muslim weddings will now take place entirely online. The UAE Ministry of Justice said that it has begun to offer remote marriage contracts, allowing marriages. In contrast, preventative steps against the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 are taken.

  1. Next, the couple must schedule an appointment with the Ministry of Justice, who will select an imam to recite the Quran via video conference once all of the relevant information has been completed. 
  2. All payments must be paid online, and the contract must be signed electronically before being delivered to the Sharia court through email.
  3. The court will double-check all details, confirm the marriage contract, and deliver it to the couple via text message.
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What are the fees required for a Marriage Contract?

For the Issuance of the marriage contract, the costs include AED 200.

Where can I apply for a Marriage Contract?

Following are the center which offers the service relating to Marriage Contract:

  1. Al adheed centres
  2. Accredited and legitimate marriage officer
  3. Dubai Courts Service Centre – Al Yalayis

What are the steps involved in getting a Marriage Contract?

  1. Step 1: Make an oral request and submission documents
  2. Step 2: Appearance of the parties before the judge or the marriage officer
  3. Step 3: Receive the contract.

How can Marriage Lawyers assist you?

The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of the subject. There are several legal companies in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi that provide marital counselling services and marriage attorneys in Dubai that can manage some of your problems. One of them is Dubai Court marriage. This prominent business consists of a staff of family lawyers in Dubai and offers certified attestation in the UAE.