How to Clean A Dog’s Nylon Harness and The Best Places to Buy them

Collars and harnesses are essential pet gears for a paw parent. Not only does it play a huge role in training but it also helps in keeping your dogs under control and safe during walks. Harnesses have seen a rise in popularity over the recent years because it tends to hug the body rather than just the neck thus, causing fewer choking accidents when dogs pull on the leash

Nylon harnesses are the go-to material when it comes to dog harnesses as they are durable materials that do not overly chafe a dog’s skin. Its fit perfectly, because of the adjustment system. However, it is important to note that the longevity of any harness is dependent upon its quality and its care.

This article will aim to tackle two important things: how to clean a nylon harness and where can you buy the best nylon harness for sale.

How do you wash a Nylon Dog’s Harness?

It is important that you wash your dog’s harnesses and leashes because their constant use will accumulate dirt and oil and thus, you’ll end up with a stinky harness in the long run. At the same, time the clean gear is safer for your dogs. Note, that dirt can accumulate in harnesses and without cleaning them you might be causing possible skin issues for your dogs.

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Here are the ways on how you can clean your dog’s harness :

1.Determine the material: some materials like leather need specific products to be used to clean them. However, if you have a Nylon harness then you don’t need any special tools. Nylon harnesses can be cleaned in the washing machine. Also, if you are not sure of the material of your harness, you can easily see them indicated in its packaging.


2. Wash a test spot: use a test spot on a harness to check if the color will bleed or if the detergent is too strong. If no substantial changes occur then it’s probably okay to wash it all in the washing machine

3. Use dog shampoo: it’s important to know that nylon can stretch over time, so washing it in the washing machine might stretch the material faster. You can, however, brush the harness using an old toothbrush and some dog shampoo. Dog shampoos are gentler than detergent thus reducing any potential harm that detergents can cause

Use a mesh bag when using the washing machine: to avoid the metals in the harness snagging on other clothes or causing damage to the washing machine.

Where to buy a dog’s nylon harness?

There are many nylon dog harnesses for sale. But, in this article I’ll give you three of the best nylon harness for walking at the most affordable prices:

  1. Waterproof step-in harness with metal clasp $29.99
  2. Nylon NASA step-in dog harness with plastic clasp $29.99
  3. Nylon Avocado step-in dog harness with plastic clasp $29.99
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There are a lot of dog gears and stores available for pet parents to choose from but it is important to be very meticulous with the quality and care of these gears. Durable harnesses that are properly maintained will last a long time hence, making them more cost-efficient in the long run. Waudog provides the best quality for a reasonable price. Moreover, all dog harnesses come with free QR tags and provide safety during the walk. Visit our store and get a discount – .