How to know when to increase weight at the GYM

Everyone wants to look attractive. For maintaining their personality, they prefer a healthy lifestyle. And to maintain a healthy lifestyle, they go to the gym to maintain their body and health. It will be a little bit difficult for beginners to lift weights and continuously work out for an hour. And for those who go to the regular gym, it becomes their habit to work for an hour. And everyone needs to know when they should increase their weight at the gym. In the below article, we will discuss when you should increase weight at the gym. Some fitness lovers also love to procure gym equipment online to devote extra time working out at their homes to remain in shape. 

When you are on a weight training plan, you are not wiped out after your training program as you wiped upon starting your plan. Then congratulations to you because you are ready to lift more weights. Many people have misconceptions as they thought they could increase their weight by lifting heavier weights in a few days. But they are wrong because it’s a natural process. In your workouts program, you can address by yourself that you are gaining weight after some time.


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Increasing weight depends on you and your goal. Some people do not increase their weight after continue to lift the same wait for months because they are not given any challenge to their muscles to lift more weight.

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When your body becomes comfortable with the weight you are currently lifting, it is a good sign. It means that you are near to your goal. You should lift heavier weights because your body can adapt more weight compared to before. You should continue increasing your weight according to the demand of your body.

  • When you are not exhausted

When you feel exhausted or wiped out after doing the workout or lifting the weight. Then it is a good sign that you are increasing your weight and lifts.

·         Don’t overload

According to your goal, you should increase your weight continuously as much as you can. Do not overload yourself with the thought of the increasing weight. When your body accepts the weight, you should increase the weight lift.

  • Don’t work out on the exact weight. 

Working out the same weight over and over again does not work. You should increase weight slowly for the lower body 5 pounds increments and the upper body 2.5-pound increment. This will slowly and gradually increase the weight.

  • Rep scheme 

And if you are lifting weight in a rep scheme, then increase the ret set. And also increase some more pounds of weight.

  • Continuous process 
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Increasing weight should be an ongoing process; it’s not a one-week process. And for this, you should keep a training journal of your workouts and write down what you are doing at the gym. Maintain a detailed record of all the exercises, the sets, the reps, and the weight you are lifting.

  • Notice the changes

When you notice the changes in your body and you feel your body is adapting. At that point, you should add extra pounds to your weight.

  • Focus on lifting more weight on a rep count

If you want to increase muscle size by doing 8 to 12 Reps, focus on lifting more weight on a rep count.

  • Maintain A Log

When you start increasing your weight in small portions at the gym, you learn how much more time you need to increase your weight. By learning from past activities and journal records, we clearly understand how many months and activities are required to increase weight at the gym.

 When you are lifting more weight after some time, you realize your muscles do more work from earlier. And you also know which type of workout suits you and give you positive results. Changes in the body mean you are near to your goal.

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Keep patient 

You should not increase your weight in one week; it’s a continuous process. So for this, you have to keep patient. 

If you increase small weights, then it will slow down the process of achieving your goal. But indeed, the goal will be achieved at a slower rate, but you must do it on an ongoing basis. You should always take the training journal with you at the gym.

Changes in physical strength and body

When you notice changes in your physical strength and feel changes in your body, you clearly understand when you should increase the weight at the gym.