How to master the art of essay writing: tips for non-writers

For new writers, essay writing can be a tough task compared to experienced writers. Essay writing needs a lot of dedication if you want to improve. It’s not something you can get good at overnight. It requires a lot of hard work because you have to work on different things like vocabulary and writing just to get good at essay writing.

The only difficult part about essay writing is turning those words into interesting sentences that readers will love to read. And that’s only possible if your vocabulary is good.

Essay writing is all about how you communicate with an individual through words whereas writing is something how you communicate your ideas to a lot of people.

Essay writing is of two types, persuasive and informative. Both have different writing tones and writing styles which you will also have to work on.

Here are some amazing tips I’ll be listing which you should follow and do daily to master the art of essay writing;

Improve your vocabulary with these tips

Improving vocabulary is hard and without good vocabulary, essay writing is impossible to do. The best way to improve your vocabulary is through reading books and novels. Novels and books are written by professional writers which means that their vocabulary is phenomenal.

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So, reading their books and novels will allow you to learn from their vocabulary, causing your vocabulary to expand. You’ll come across many new words and to strongly memorize their meanings, you should write them down somewhere so you don’t forget. Later try using them in your essay if they fit incorrectly. This way you’ll strongly memorize and learn the meanings of those words.

Another way to improve your vocabulary is to inspect another writer’s work. You can join writing communities where professional writers post their work for new writers to inspect and learn a thing or two from it. You’ll also meet many like-minded writers you can do essay writing with. It’s fun meeting new writers, you’ll learn many things from them.

Seek help from online writers

There are many essay writers online providing essay writing services that you can get for free. They will help you get better at essay writing by providing multiple strategies for you to follow.
Practice writing essays daily

Practice is essential if you’re trying to improve at something and essay writing requires a lot of practice. The more you practice the better you will get at researching and drafting. Research skill is very important when it comes to essay writing. It’s probably the most important part of essay writing.

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When writing an essay, you need around 5-6 main ideas for your essay which will be used in each paragraph. Now, let’s talk about drafting. Drafting is something that is not necessary but it can be used to make essay writing easier. All the points will be plotted when you begin writing the body of your essay. So you won’t have to think and waste time to decide which point will go in which paragraph.



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