Is Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Viable For Your Organization?

With exponential upgradation in cloud services and ever increasing trend of working remotely, it has become necessary to move on such a framework that balances all the conveniences of a PC and eliminates dependency on a local network system. 

The unending process of continually supporting and updating every PC becomes a daunting task if it consumes a lot of time every day! In the meantime, Virtual desktops can act as a helpful hand for organizations.


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With Desktop as a Service (DaaS), the complexities of maintaining hardware, software and a vast supporting network has been sorted. There is a plethora of Desktop as service providers who can deploy a cloud or virtual desktop set-up in your organization.

DaaS is a cloud-based service where your entire software, hardware and accompanying network is hosted on the cloud or by a third-party service provider that empowers you with a virtual desktop with all necessary apps and the accompanying operating system.

Are you scratching your head whether this is the right time for your organization to shift to the cloud and start using Desktop as a Service?

The logical answer is – Yes!

Let’s unveil why there is a dire need for DaaS in your organization –

Ensures security

Your PCs are exposed to many risks like hacking, data stealing, or data loss in this dynamic working environment. Deploying your virtual pcs from an efficient DaaS provider can eliminate the need for data storage on local servers by enabling the storage on remote servers, i.e., the cloud.

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Furthermore, individual PCs are exposed to malware, viruses, and other malicious software’s that can wreck your PC and infect corporate LAN. Thus, DaaS can prove to be a boon as it s multilayered security keeps viruses or malware out of your network and does not allow them to penetrate your cloud systems.

Smooth deployment 

Whenever a new software or system is implemented on physical desktops, it usually takes a good amount of time. However, if your team is already on DaaS, the process has become smooth as you need to install the software/app on the server and all those who have been given access can immediately start using it. DaaS provides agility and flexibility for new software and systems.

Moreover, in case of acquisitions or mergers, it helps in a faster integration of new employees into corporate infrastructure swiftly, without any complexities.


A business is associated with a lot of expenses. According to IDC, Desktop as a service can bring down the capital expenditure by over 56%. The cost involved in a virtual desktop setup is much less than the conventional PC setup due to less power consumption and no local data servers.

It also helps to eliminate the need for a traditional PC setup that further helps in saving additional costs associated with it.

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For instance, if a company upgrades the software, remote desktop service allows reusing the available hardware and reduces capital costs.

Mobility & promoting green IT

With the deployment of DaaS by experienced DaaS providers, the data can be accessed by the users anytime and from any place through any device like Laptop, Mobile, etc. This virtual environment provides mobility to users and ensures lower dependency on the standard setup. In addition, it improves the working capacity and productivity.

Additionally, Desktop as a Service aids in promoting green IT as it reduces the usage of electricity and hardware. Thus, it results in saving business expenses and minimizing emissions, as well as the carbon footprint.

Wrapping up

From the above benefits, we can sum up that DaaS can scale up the working capacity and capability of an organization. Moreover, core advantages like centralized database, synchronization of data, applications and continuous backup can provide a robust operating environment that smoothens the processes.

There are many Desktop as a Service providers available, you can get in touch with one who is efficient, cost effective, has good flexibility and then deploy their solution in your organization.