Is There a Change in the IAS Exam Syllabus?

There is no change in UPSC 2022 syllabus, as one to get updated with current affairs and general knowledge for a wide variety of questionnaires. Sometimes questions are asked in an experimental way to confuse you on the related topic. Still, good knowledge depth of topics helps you attempt all questionnaires in the IAS exam with ease, which is a successful technique to dream your aspiration.


IAS Syllabus for General Studies Paper


UPSC syllabus is divided into two parts: Prelims and Mains. The IAS exam syllabus is vast and quite difficult to cover. Hence they need to plan strategically to be well versed in topics.


GS Paper-1


It covers Geography, History, Indian Society, and Art & Culture.

  • Art & Culture: Features of art form, literature, and architecture of modern times
  • History: Modern Indian history, freedom struggle, post-independence, industrial revolutions and political philosophies
  • Geography: World geography, natural resources, natural phenomenon, geographical features
  • Indian Society: Indian society and its diversities, the role of women, effects of globalisation, poverty, social empowerment, and urbanisation


GS Paper-2


It includes Polity, Governance, and International Relations.

  • Polity: Indian constitution, functions of union and states, powers of different organs, challenges in a federal structure, parliament and state legislatures, features of polity act, the appointment of various constitutional bodies and its pressure groups
  • Governance: Governmental policies, developmental process, and welfare schemes, social sectors issues, citizens charters relating to health, education, the role of civil services and human resources, etc.
  • International Relations: India and its neighbourhood relations, bilateral and global grouping of India’s interest, effects of policies and politics and its International Institutions, agencies, and its structure
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GS Paper-3


It covers Economics, Science & Technology and focuses on the Internal Security area.

  • Economics: Macroeconomics, banking, international organisation, money market, and capital market
  • Science & Technology: Nuclear energy, space technology with recent missions, defence technology, dark matter, GM crops, IT space, current affairs, robotics, nanotechnology, and biotechnology
  • Bio-Diversity: Types of biodiversity, environment, conservation, environmental pollution, degradation, and environmental impact
  • Security: Internal security, challenges in India, extremism, terrorism, money laundering, etc.
  • Disaster Management: PM care fund and the latest government disaster management plan


GS Paper-4


Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude feature topics such as –

  • Ethics and human interface with human actions in a public and private relationship
  • The teaching of human values of great leaders, reformers, administrators and their inculcating values
  • Attitude-content structure and functions with thought and behaviour, moral and political attitudes, and social influence
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Contribution of moral thinkers and philosophers from India and the world
  • Public and service values and ethics in public administration with probity in governance


BYJU’s Exam Prep helps you prepare with the latest current affairs and GK updates through reliable and official sources that cover national and international news, political affairs, economics, sports and science, technology, etc.

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Tips to Prepare for IAS


  • Regular studies help you to understand people and events.
  • Up-to-date information broadens your horizons to crack any competitive examination.
  • Prepare date-wise and topic-wise topics with short notes.
  • Never memorise; instead, understand to restore it.
  • Prepare revision schedule due to vast syllabus.
  • Regular reading of newspapers keeps you alert to current affairs.


BYJU’s Exam Prep helps UPSC aspirants prepare for the IAS exam with a detailed pattern that makes a student learn according to its prescribed format. It has a mock test at regular intervals and free/paid videos that make them aware of the syllabus and plan ahead for a successful career.