Lohanthony Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Birthday, Height, Parents, & Career

Facts of Lohanthony
Full Name:Lohanthony
Age:22 years
Birthday:24 May 1999
Birthplace:Melrose, MA
Net Worth:$1 million
Profession:Social media personality

Lohanthony is a social media sensation. Lohanthony has gained popularity on numerous platforms, including YouTube, Vine, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.

How old is Lohanthony?

Caption: Lohanthony, Social media personality
( Photo: Instagram )

Lohanthony is 21 years old. He was born on May 24, 1999, in Melrose, Massachusetts, under the astrological sign Gemini. Anthony Quintal is his given name. He’s honest and raw. His mother’s name is Monica Quintal, and his father’s name is David Quintal. Similarly, he has three siblings. He and his family reside in Salem, Massachusetts.

Moving on to his educational background, he attended middle school in New Hampshire. There is no information available about his future studies. Similarly, Lohanthony is an American nationality.

How much is Lohanthony’s net worth?

Caption: Lohanthony with his friends
( Photo: Instagram )

In terms of Lohanthony’s earnings, he is a social media sensation who has amassed a sizable fortune through his work. He has not, however, disclosed his earnings on the internet. However, according to some online sources, his net worth is around $1 million.

Is Lohanthony dating someone?

Looking at Lohanthony’s personal life, he appears to be single. He is secure in his private life, despite his natural affection for his family. He claims that YouTube is his first love. Despite earning millions in ad revenue and representation, he enjoys going to thrift stores, and his videos feature his hauls on a regular basis, just like any other teenager.

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There isn’t much information available about his personal life, but his detractors and haters publicly label him as gay. He has never taken the bait and has provided no explanation. He has, however, been warned about the language and offensive words he frequently employs in his content. However, on July 1, 2019, he posted a photo of himself with the caption “stay gay #pride #therewillneverbeanotheryou #sorryboston.”

Scandals of Lohanthony

Lohanthony, being stubborn, has frequently invaded himself in conflicts with other online personalities such as RiceGum and Alx James. His encounter with RiceGum began when he began an insulting note under the door, insulting RiceGum’s latest Disstrack, which he was playing loudly. RiceGum responded in a very public YouTube vlog, accusing him of roasting his Diss Track. He accused RiceGum of bullying his fans. He accused Alx James of stalking his friend’s Vine. He blocked Alx James after a long Twitter battle.

Similarly, his vlog channel features a number of rants about having to return to school, primarily because he is the target of ridicule and bullying. Anthony, who was frustrated, openly called out his tormentors in one of his videos, which elicited negative reactions from his school’s parents and resulted in death threats.

How tall is Lohanthony?

Lohanthony has a good appearance. He hasn’t mentioned his height, weight, or other body stats. His hair is shoulder length, brown, and dark brown.

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Career line of Lohanthony

CAption: Lohanthony with his Mother
( Photo: Business Insider)
  • In terms of Anthony’s professional life, he is a social media personality who has achieved success through various media platforms. He calls his online persona Lohanthony, a combination of his given name Anthony and the last name of his favorite celebrity, Lindsay Lohan.
  • Lohanthony is a well-known social media personality with millions of followers and subscribers on both Twitter and Instagram. With an ever-increasing number of views on his YouTube channel and other platforms, his social footprint is enormous.
  • Similarly, he connects with his audience through everyday struggles of a child’s life such as school, bullying, and a serious fashion crisis. He has influenced many people because of the way he has embraced his struggles while remaining true to his tumultuous nature. He is one of the most sought-after social media influencers with whom brands are vying for collaboration, causing his net worth to skyrocket into the millions.
  • Furthermore, his content is rife with humor, and he is effortlessly funny. When he was nine years old, he started making videos on his parents’ computer.
  • Later, with updated equipment and numerous makeovers, he got a lot better. What has remained consistent is his personality, his carefree attitude, and his zest for life. Back in 2012, he piqued the interest of YouTube viewers with his short video titled “CALLING ALL THE BASIC BITCHES.”
  • Similarly, the blue goggles and pink suspender he wears in the video titles, “there is a new announcement: you’re basic.” This video depicted the ultimate display of extravagant resistance to all that is normal and “basic.” It quickly gained over a million views after displaying an echo with the viewers. Nonetheless, designer Marc Jacobs and supermodel Kate Moss gave it a shot.
  • His channel frequently uploads various aspects of his personal life, with a strong emphasis on glamour and fashion, particularly thrifting.
  • His delivery is amusing and humorous without being harsh. He has received a lot of praise for his online presence, including nominations for the Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Collaboration in 2014 for his collaboration project Fab Five in Real Life and the Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star: Comedy, both in 2014.
  • Furthermore, he was ecstatic when he was asked to host the ‘Teen Wolf After Show’ (his favorite show) and was “treated like royalty” by MTV executives. He has even signed with YouTuber Connor Franta’s music label Heard Well and released an album titled ‘Landscapes: A Music Compilation by Lohanthony.’ He has also appeared in films such as ‘Tosh.0′ in 2009, ‘Teens Wanna Know’ in 2012, and ‘Miss Stevens’ in 2016.
  • On January 14, 2012, he posted a video titled “this goes out to all the stupid h03$,” which has nearly 447,603 views. He received over 2 million views on his next video, “ME DOING THE CINNAMON CHALLENGE.” Another video, “WHY I WAS EXPELLED FROM FIRST GRADE (ASK MOMMA LOHANTHONY),” has 1.3 million views.
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