Making the SEO services switch-

Have you had the same SEO services provider for some time? And aren’t happy with the results you are getting? Maybe it is time to make SEO services switch.

Here’s a list of reasons why you might consider making the leap.

Are you generating enough traffic?

Can you ever generate too much traffic? Whilst you might think your numbers with your current digital marketing provider are good, have you ever thought that maybe they could be better? If things have stagnated with your established client base, a new SEO service provider with fresh campaign ideas might be just the thing you need to boost your profits to new levels.

Plenty of traffic? But not enough conversions?

So you might be getting good traffic numbers from your current SEO services provider, but are you getting the right number of conversions? Conversions are the aim of the game after all. And the more conversions you get, the more money you can put into further promoting your business. If this sounds like you, then maybe it is time to consider the switch.

Getting the conversions, but not getting the loyalty?

Maybe you are getting the conversions over the line. But are you getting their repeat business? Customer loyalty and repeat business makes up the majority of most companies turnover. Along with your brand being prominent and recognizable, customer loyalty is one of the keys to e-commerce. It is one thing to bring customers to your site, another to engage them, but the key to your business’s longevity is re-engagement. Maybe it is time to crunch the numbers on this stat and start to think about whether your SEO services provider is working for you.

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Are you entertaining?

Maybe there is a reason why you aren’t re-engaging your clients or increasing the traffic to your site. Has your content become stale and out of date? Maybe it is time you rethink, re-engage, and start making not only new, but lasting relationships with your client base.

How long since your SEO services provider last provided you with an audit?

An audit should be a regular part of any online marketing campaign. When was the last time you were last provided with an audit from your SEO services provider? Maybe you haven’t seen one because your numbers aren’t what they should be. If performance review isn’t a regular part of your campaign, then perhaps it is time it should be. And that means making the switch.

So what is the long term strategy?

If your SEO services provider hasn’t provided you with one, well they should have. Then again, maybe it is time to move on to someone who can. If your SEO services provider hasn’t already discussed both a short and long term game with you, then chances are you are using the wrong company. As we highlighted earlier, new traffic and an aggressive short term gain is great to give your business a boost, but the re-engagement of clients and the maintaining of long term relationships is where the real money is made.

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Do you know what your projections are?

Better still, once you have these projections, is your digital marketing provider able to meet their Key Performance Indicators? Make sure you have both of these clearly identified and have the data and reporting made available to be sure you are getting what you pay for from your SEO services provider.

Think about these points above and how they relate to your online business presence. If one or more of these jump off the page at you, maybe it is time to make the switch with your SEO services provider.