Mopi Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Birthday, Height, Parents, & Career

Facts of Mopi
Full Name:Mopi
Age:22 years
Birthday:06 May
Net Worth:N/A
Height:5 feet 7 inches (1.70m)
Profession:YouTuber, Instagram Star
Sibling:one (brother: Preston)

Mopi is a YouTube star from the United States who is known for his original content. Mopi, also known as ‘CommonMopi,’ is best known for his challenge videos, which are frequently sports and hot pepper-related.

How old is Mopi?

Mopi was born on May 6, 1999, in the United States. He is 21 years old and his sun sign is Taurus. Preston is his brother. He is a big basketball fan, and his favorite ‘NBA’ team is the ‘Los Angeles Clippers.’

Caption: Mopi, YouTuber, Instagram Star (Photo: Famous People)

Mopi enjoys watching the Japanese manga series ‘Naruto.’ Mopi enjoys collecting hoodies and has amassed a sizable collection. Furthermore, he has not disclosed the names of his parents. There is also no information about his educational background.

How much is Mopi’s Net Worth?

Caption: Mopi, YouTuber, Instagram Star (Photo: HITC)

He most likely makes a good living from his profession. Mopi’s YouTube channel has 269 videos with a total of more than 80.8 million views. Every month, he produces an average of 8 new videos. As a result, his net worth is estimated to be around $285,000.

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Is Mopi dating someone?

He is most likely single at the moment. Mopi is completely focused on his career and is not involved in any relationships. He may have dated someone, but he has not yet made his dating history public. He might be dating someone lovely soon.

Mopi, on the other hand, has never been involved in any controversial acts. He has always avoided rumors and scandals that could harm his personal or professional life.

How tall is Mopi?

Mopi has a fit and healthy body. He stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs approximately 65 kilograms. He also has brown eyes and dark brown hair. There are no other details about his body stats.

Career line of Mopi

  • Mopi had wanted to be a YouTuber since he was in middle school, but he didn’t start until his junior year. Jesse Riedel, better known for his YouTube channel ‘JesserTheLazer,’ featured him in a few of his videos.
  • Mopi liked the idea of entertaining people on YouTube and decided to start his own channel. He launched his channel on April 9, 2016, and the first video, ‘SPINNER WHEEL BASKETBALL CHALLENGE FT JESSER AND MOBCITY,’ was released the following month.
  • Mopi
    Caption: Mopi, YouTuber, Instagram Star (Photo: Famous People)

  • The first two videos on the channel to receive millions of views were ‘2HYPE 2v2 MINI HOOP TOURNAMENT!!!’ and ‘100 Bellyflops for 100,000 Subscribers (completed).’The latter is still one of Mopi’s favorite videos. Even though he thinks it was the dumbest thing he’s ever done, he doesn’t regret it. In fact, he is glad he made the video because it was something no other YouTuber had attempted before.
  • Similarly, some of Mopi’s other videos with millions of views include ‘WHO KNOWS ME BETTER??? (2HYPE EDITION),’ ‘Most Humiliating Basketball Video on Youtube (Emotionally Dunked On),’ ‘KRISPY KREME TREASURE HUNT IN 2HYPE MANSION!!’ and ‘HOW FRIENDLY IS THE FORTNITE COMMUNITY???’
  • He also has a YouTube channel called ‘MopiV2′ that he started on September 9, 2017. Mopi has only four videos on this channel. The videos are titled ‘Trolling COD Infected Players Hiding In A Glitch Spot!!’, ‘Carrying Javalle McGee To His First COD Warzone Win!!’, ‘COD Modern Warefare Sniping With MOPI (first video),’ and ‘Mopi & Javalle McGee First Warzone WIN Stream.’
  • He aspired to be a game designer after finishing school. He then learned about ‘The Art Institutes,’ a non-profit school system in the United States. Mopi was all set to join the institute, but fate led him to YouTube instead. However, ‘The Art Institutes’ is now one of his channel’s sponsors. Mopi began looking for ideas for vlogs after deciding to venture into the world of vlogging.
  • He used to spend a lot of time watching Criken. Criken is a YouTube gamer known for his amusing gaming montages.
  • Even the channel’s name, ‘Mopi,’ is based on one of Criken’s videos. Mopi liked the name, which was originally the name of a gaming character, and chose it as his online alias.
  • Mopi later became a member of the ‘2Hype’ group, which consisted of gameplay video YouTube stars living in a house in Yorba Linda, California. Jesse, one of his YouTube friends, was living with three other YouTubers at the time.
  • When they moved to a new house, they added Mopi to their group and formed ‘2Hype.’ Mopi is eager to work with Ian Carter, better known as “iDubbbz,” and his all-time favorite YouTuber Criken.
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