Most Extreme Hunting Destinations in the US

It’s comparatively easier to get the best pair of boots, the right hunting gear, and the most effective scopes for long-range shooting than finding such a hunting destination that is full of adventure, thrill, and fun. However, this is not the case in the USA. The USA features more than 150 national forests and over a million acres of land with a variety of animals to help you find the most extreme hunting destinations of your preference.  

Whether you would like to hunt down a moose, grizzly bear, or a mountain lion and return home feeling proud of your hunting skills, we have listed the best hunting destinations in the US for you. Read below!


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Kingman, Arizona

A city in Arizona, Kingman, is the best place for adventure-seeking and courageous hunters. If you gradually want to up your hunting game, you can start with Pinetop-Lakeside, where you will be able to hunt down antelopes, elks, and deer.

Later, your ideal destination would be Kingman for some extreme hunting. You can find black bears and mountain lions there. Hence, you will have to stay extremely vigilant and have all your strategic positions planned out to target an apex predator.  

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Dallas County, Alabama

If you are a spontaneous hunter, Dallas County will be the best bet for you as it allows for hunting all year round, with more than 1.75 million deer running loose within a small radius. You will never be short of deer on your visit to Dallas County.

Another best thing about this county is that there are no restrictions on what kind of weapon to use for hunting. Whether you want to use a shotgun, hunting crossbow, or rifle, it’s absolutely your call.


Do you want your Instagram feed to include a picture of you holding a bear’s head? Alaska will make your dreams come true. It is one of the most well-known places in the US for brown and black bear hunting. You may also be able to find the world’s largest antlers here, so get ready for the adventure.

In addition to this, you will be enchanted by the lovely views Alaska has to offer, and all your hunting pictures will leave your family back at home in awe. To protect yourself from wild bears, you should also set up a hunting blind and wait till one of them gets in your sight.

St. Johns River, Florida

Just when you think you have got enough of the hunting adventure from antelopes, bears, and lions, that’s exactly when St. Johns River in Florida will make it to your list.

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You can find huge nine-foot alligators in Florida and in case you want to have a thrilling experience with even bigger gators, you can definitely visit Lake Okeechobee.

However, you will have to use simple weapons like a compound bow, crossbow, or harpoon and hunting techniques similar to that of fishing. If you would like to use your guns, you will have to go to a different state or private property, as using firearms in public waterways is not permitted in Florida.

Appleton, Wisconsin

Appleton is home to 661,000 acres of hunting ground and if you are able to visit this place in the fall, you can even hunt down wild geese that migrate there this season.

Rest assured, you can find whitetail deer and enormous bears as well in this area of Wisconsin. You should also watch out for wild cats when hunting, so it’s better to hunt high above the group to keep yourself safe while pursuing your passion.