Niomi Smart

Niomi Smart Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Birthday, Height, Parents, & Career

Facts of Niomi Smart
Full Name:Niomi Smart
Birthday:26 May
Boyfriend:Joe Woodward (engaged)
Net Worth:$1-$5 Million
Profession:Youtuber, Social Media Star, Blogger, Author
Sibling:One (Daisy)

Niomi Savvy, an English-based YouTube character, rose to unmistakable prominence by garnering massive support from viewers for her video content on her YouTube channel. She transmits content such as travel, magnificence, design, and way of life. She has also run good cause, solid plans, and supports causes in her channel. Furthermore, Niomi’s YouTube channel has over 1.61 million subscribers.

Who is the Father of Niomi Smart?

In the year 1992, Niomi Keen was born in the city of Britain. Her birthday is on the second of May and she was born under the sign of Taurus. She also has English ancestry and white nationality. In terms of instruction, she chose to focus on English Language, Basic Reasoning, Materials, Law, and Brain Science in A-Levels at BHASVIC in Brighton. She enrolled in the College of the West of Britain at the time and graduated with a Law degree in 2013.

Caption: Blogger Niomi Smart
Caption: Blogger Niomi Smart (Photo: Twitter)

Niomi was conceived through the acquisition of white nationality. Her single age raised her until she was 11 years old. Her mother married her progression father, Paul, at the time. They have been living separately since then, and she appreciates her father’s conversation.

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Net Worth of Niomi Smart

Niomi’s total assets will be audited beginning in 2020.

Who is Niomi Smart Boyfriend?

After a long period of dating, Niomi is finally drawn in with her long-distance sweetheart, Joe Woodward. In 2019, the team was chosen. Naomi opened up about her dating life during a meeting with Sunday Paper. She claimed that her best friend played the role of adoration cupid to bring the couple together. She planned a pre-arranged meet-up with her shared companion from the start. Following their first date, her closest companion sent her an image of Joe, which piqued Niomi’s interest, and she began referring to Joe as Marvelous Joe.

Caption: Blogger Niomi Smart with her boyfriend
Caption: Blogger Niomi Smart with her boyfriend (Photo: Metro)

From then on, Niomi asked her closest companion how the date went, to which she replied, “Excellent.” At the time, her closest companion had grown tired of persuading Niomi to meet Joe, yet she showed no interest after her closest companion went out on the town with him.

Her closest companion secretly set up drinks with Joe, which brought them closer, and from that point forward, they showered love on one another.

Height and Weight of Niomi Smart

Niomi Savvy’s height is still 5 feet 5 inches. She has earthy-colored hair and earthy-colored eyes.

Caption: Blogger Niomi Smart
Caption: Blogger Niomi Smart (Photo: Twitter)

Niomi Smart’s Career Line

  • Niomi began looking for a job in the YouTube world after finishing her education.
  • On August 31, 2013, she launched her LadySmart channel. Her channel LadySmart’s name has now been changed to NiomiSmart. She uploaded her first video content, Bonjour Hola Ciao and Hi.
  • Since 2014, she has been a working substance manufacturer. Furthermore, she hasn’t squandered an opportunity to engage her viewers by posting travel, excellence, design, and way of life videos—in addition, Niomi transfers videos once every one to fourteen days.
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