Online Shopping Experiences You Need to Note

Online Shopping Experiences You Need to Note

Currently, the trend of online shopping is increasingly popular because of the convenience and variety of product designs. Instead of having to go out and wander around the streets to search, choose the items you like, and then have to list them back, now with the development of e-commerce, you can sit at home and with a few clicks, you already own them.

However, in addition to the convenience, it also has several limitations, that is, some people take advantage of mixing fake and fake goods to trick buyers. Therefore, you need to have a little knowledge of online shopping to avoid losing money unjustly. In this article, Thrift Blog will share online shopping experiences to help every shopper avoid buying poor quality goods to avoid losing money unjustly.

1. Should buy at reputable suppliers/websites when online shopping

Many of you, when surfing the web, surfing Facebook, and seeing attractive and cheap advertising products, immediately click and order without even finding out how the product information is, the distributors, or the sales page. and especially do not know about the reputation and level of assurance of that supplier. Therefore, many people often encounter one of the following ironic situations:

  • I have already transferred the money, but I have not seen the seller deliver the goods or move slowly.
  • The worst case is to encounter scammers so the money has already been transferred but the goods are nowhere to be found, if you call, you will listen to me as a subscriber
  • Goods received are damaged, unusable but not refunded by the seller
  • Another common case is buying a fake, fake, or poor quality product that is not the same as advertised

Therefore, for you to avoid encountering such unlucky cases, I always recommend that you choose reputable suppliers to be protected when purchasing. I still often recommend people to buy at big and reputable sites like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba,…Since these are famous brands, the goods are more secure and they also have better consumer protection policies.

So, when buying, you should buy from a reputable store, see the reviews of purchased users to know which products are good. In addition, you should also choose the COD payment method – a payment on receipt for the first purchase. If OK, next time you will trust me to pay first.


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2. Look carefully at the details, sizes, warranty, and return of the product before online shopping

Many people when asked the reason “why don’t like to buy online?”, think that the product received is not the same as the picture on the website, not the same as the description.

This is also a note that you need to pay attention to when buying online. When buying on a certain website, you need to look carefully at the detailed information about that product such as color, size, quality, product origin, manufacturer of that product.

For example, shoes with sizes: 35, 36, 37…43, you need to know which number your feet fit, please order. If not, when you receive the goods, but if your feet are too tight or too wide, it will take time for you to return the goods.





3. Refer to other customers’ reviews about products and services

If you want to buy something, consult other customers’ reviews about that product. It will take you a little more time but in return, you will get honest opinions about the product.

Currently, e-commerce websites such as Amazon, eBay, Wallmart, etc. All have a product review section after purchase. You need to make a clear distinction between the comment section and the review section on these websites.

In it, the comment section is the section where people who have not purchased can comment or ask questions there. And the review section is a section only for those who buy and then leave comments. You should consult the reviews section to know more about the quality of that product.

My experience is that if the product has a lot of reviews, you should see the ratio between good and bad reviews which is more. And should carefully consider 1-star, 2-star reviews because those reviews best reflect product quality. If a product has too many 1-star reviews then you should reconsider buying that product.

4. Consult the selling price before online shopping

Buying online has a bigger advantage than buying offline in that you can check prices everywhere without having to go anywhere. So search and compare the prices of products on different websites before buying.

The comparison is to find the overall price for the product. With websites selling prices much cheaper than the general market price, you should not rush to be cheap. Need to look carefully at the seller before buying. Otherwise, you should buy at a slightly higher price from a reputable seller to avoid trouble later.


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5. Use discount codes, coupons to purchase

What could be better than buying online with a discount code? Using coupons, discount codes when making purchases will help you own the desired item at a cheaper price, giving you a sense of pleasure. You can have many saving shopping solutions for products when buying online such as using discounts, coupon codes from reputable websites. You will be surprised at the discounted rate you receive, especially on major holidays and sales of the year such as Black Friday, Christmas Sale,…

Using coupons will help you reduce the economic pressure but still own the desired item with excellent quality.

6. When receiving the goods, you need to check the package carefully before paying

If you have selected products and suppliers to order, the last step is to receive goods and pay. There will be many forms of payment when buying online such as receiving goods and then paying, transferring first and then receiving goods later, etc. If you are buying online for the first time or buying at a certain supplier for the first time, I recommend you should choose the method of receipt and payment to be sure.

Currently, many online sales websites often require customers to carefully check the product before paying. Because after you receive the goods and complete the payment, all future questions about the product will not be resolved.

So, when you receive the goods, you need to check the package and only receive the goods when the package shows no signs of being peeled or distorted. Also, check if the payment amount is correct with the amount on your order. And if possible, you should ask to open the product box to check and then receive and pay.

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