Osteopathy: A Fable of Healthy Benefits

Osteopathy, derived from the ancient Greek names of ‘bone’ and ‘pain, suffering,’ roots itself back to the 19th century when its foundation had begun by a Civil War Surgeon named Andrew Taylor Still. He believed that the natural state of a body is the only weapon that can combat almost any illness. 

The implementation of Still’s beliefs and principles had been largely subjected to conflicts because the idea of Osteopathy says zero involvement of external elements like drugs, medicines, or any form of alteration, either construction or disfiguration, with the human body is prohibited. 


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Is Osteopathy Helpful?

Foundations of Osteopathy clash with the conventional medicines and drug prescriptions that orthodox physicians provide to restore the patient’s health. The series of events collate massaging, stretching, pressure and resistance called osteopathic manipulative medicines. 

The prominent parts of the body targeted by an Osteopath, a doctor practicing Osteopathy, for elevating musculoskeletal strength include joints, muscles, and spine to aid the body’s functioning systems. The ‘hands-on’ formula of Osteopathy applies its medication to the whole body rather than focusing merely on the disease. 

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Pain and Sprain

Osteopathy has sworn its effectiveness in curing pain and sprain as potent as that of a medicinal drug. The holistic approach incorporates a healing touch of the osteopath who gently presses to rejuvenate the body parts concerned. It can be used in providing comfort during menstrual cycles too. 

Reportedly, Osteopathy can even be used in healing pregnancy pain by correcting the body posture, relieving tension, and guiding both the mother and child into an appropriate alignment with the pelvis. 

For sprained nodes of the body, gentle tugs and strings will be deployed by the osteopath. However, the cure and healing process can only be determined based on the degree of damage done. If the sprain has been severe, further therapies and consultation shall be provided accordingly. 


Mainly used in sports or a similar heavy physician activity category, various stretching and massaging exercises are put to use to help relieve the tension caused on the musculoskeletal system. Injuries can also be caused because of the weakening muscles during old age. 

In the state of injury, the soft but firm tugs restore the muscle’s energy by releasing the regular blood flow to start performing with vigor. 

For injury prevention, the right level of regular exercise needs to be done so that overwork does not strain you again. 

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The osteopathy approach begins to heal the headaches consequential to severe migraines naturally by removing the blockages that trigger migraine episodes. It provides a smooth flow of oxygen, draining the lymphatic system to increase blood circulation, restoring to the previously proper functioning state, and prevents the possibilities of spasms again. 

The therapy proceedings involve massages to alleviate stress in the skull, jaw, neck, and shoulders, as these are the most volatile areas that act as catalysts for migraines. 


Osteopathy has proven its potential in curing several muscles and joint-related diseases like arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and sciatica. While Osteopathy eases the muscles’ tension that triggers the pain in arthritis, the humble presses apply a balm on the strained sciatic nerve. As blood flow begins at a regular pace, the inflammation reduces, and pain subsides. 

Tightness and discomfort caused by tears in a ligament in plantar fasciitis, Osteopathy will work to reduce the stress on the ligament. Based on the degree of damage, the treatment will also help realign the misaligned tissues. 

Asthmatic patients might also be cured; however, they shall find ease of breathing via the osteopathy approach. 


While deciding on Osteopathy, some points to ponder are that the patient is debarred from consuming alcohol, drugs for leisure, and over workout or burnout or stress. Along with maintaining a healthy diet and engaging yourself in proper exercises, one needs to understand that after an osteopathy session, there is a high probability a person might suffer some temporary pain consequential to the stretching that shall subside within 24-48 hrs. 

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