Planning for Fall Equinox

The first day of autumn is September 22, the Fall Equinox. On that day, the idea is that nights will be the same length as days, though that rarely happens in reality. From that point forward, the sun will indeed rise later and set earlier as it has since crossed over the celestial equator. The Fall Equinox ushers in colder weather and falling leaves, but it also governs harvest time and brings balance as it moves us into the Libra season. 

Fall Forward

Temperatures drop as the fall equinox brings in the start of the season. In many places, the time will change to adjust for the long hours of darkness in the coming months, but not all. Fresh starts and plans will come with the new season. Psychic mediums online can guide you toward initiatives that will be beneficial in the coming fall season. Though it brings the colder air and darker nights, the fall equinox is still a time of rebirth and the beginning of a new season. Any new season deserves a start that has a new direction for growth and prosperity. 


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Harvest Haul

The equinox also signals a time for harvesting. Reaping what has been sown is an apt activity for the fall equinox. The star signs remind us that not all harvesting is simply positive or negative. Reflecting on the season that has passed will allow for a more intuitive coming season. Your birth chart can help you map where your angles of power are during the fall equinox to determine where to focus. If your energy is high during this season, it may be more powerful for you to confront issues that have been long sitting on the back burner with the help of best love psychics. Clearing and decluttering, both physically and metaphorically, is a healing way to start the season. 

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Seasonal Shift

The Fall equinox signals that it is time to rebalance and prepare for the coming months. Libra is the governing sign and is, after all, represented by the scales. Focusing on clearing and organizing alongside gratitude and abundance is beneficial to start the season in harmony with Libra. Many people like to observe fall equinox rituals that reconnect to nature as the seasons shift to ground them to the earth and the autumnal changes. 

Cardinal Connection 

Each equinox corresponds to one of the four Cardinal signs of the zodiac known as the Cardinal axis. When completing your free natal chart, you will learn about angles and the sources of powerful energy. Angles are the susceptible points of energy that can affect many events in your life. Manifesting during this time can be an exciting initiative. 

In many places, fall festivals are celebrated all day and into the night to celebrate the shifting of the seasons. Locations more famous for their autumnal favoring architecture, like Stone Henge or Chichen Itza,  have massive gatherings where crowds gather to observe how the light shines through structures. Feasting, festivities, and reflection usher in the fall season in the northern hemisphere when the sun passes over the celestial equator. 

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