Reason for Migrating to Office 365

Office 365 from Microsoft has supported several small businesses to have a higher-level communication system with minimum expenses. An Office 365 subscription is considerably more beneficial and commercial compared to an on-premises Exchange Server deployment. Simultaneously, there is a significant concern about the migration process. For small businesses having up to 150 mailboxes, Microsoft suggests the office 365 cloud to cloud migration method. But before you make the transition it is important to know all the benefits it provides.

So here are some benefits of Office 365 you should know about:

Work from anyplace: Office 365 is a cloud-based solution that enables users to access their files everywhere from devices like PCs, iOS, Macs, and Android. Also, the in-built collaboration and sharing functionalities of Office 365 are best for current work environments. With Office 365, users can have access to their data everywhere. You can also use Azure Virtual Desktop to increase your efficiency.

Flexible subscription plans: Office 365 offers excellent rate flexibility on its services. Office 365 offers several subscriptions to pick from. A business can select a plan based on its requirements. With a single license, they can opt for services like OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, SharePoint Online, etc. Moreover, the plans of Office 365 are very cheap as you only have to spend on what you want.

Constantly updated: One of the most beneficial points about Office 365 is that it updates automatically without any additional charges. Users get access to all the improvements and modifications instantly after they are launched. In on-premises deployments, users have to update the hardware and purchase the software as well. These updates may cause substantial downtime as well. But, with Office 365 because Microsoft manages all the updates in such a manner that does not alter its availability.

Data Security: One of the significant matters for any company is data security in the cloud. And when it is about protection, Office 365 is a more reliable alternative compared to the on-premises solutions. The support of Office 365 is top-notch, patched, and highly available. It assures that the crucial data stored in it is always safe.

Reduces cost of Maintenance: Office 365 is available on the cloud, and it also has the ability to integrate with your existing On-Premises environment if required. Using the cloud has plenty of benefits, specifically in terms of reducing costs on maintenance for local servers.

It develops with your business: Office 365 operates on a policy of “you pay for what you get”. When your organization develops, you can instantly pay for the supplementary services and data storage as requirements increase.

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