Rust and the Armory of Weapons for Survival

Rust has been famous for its survival feature where players are forced to either be in clans or join squads because the other big bodies shall fight tooth and nail to win the rewards. The virtual arena involves the players striving to maintain their health, eat to regain energy, gather items, and build bases from those. 

Even if it seems innocuous, Rust is severely brutal. It is nearly accurate to say that the player wakes up naked in the world and grows from the ashes like a phoenix to survive until the end. 


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But, do you know how to find and add weapons to your armory and when to use them? Wipe the creases because here is a list of tips and tricks to facilitate in building a formidable stack of weapons in Rust:-

Guns, Revolvers, and Rifles

The materials for making the guns, pistols, revolvers, and rifles can be collected in the later stage of the game after you are well-versed with the oddities. 


An ordinary revolver is not as advanced as other weapons. However, they come in handy as saviors in extreme need. All you need is 1 metal pipe, 25 clothes, and 125 fragments for making it. However, the python revolver is a valuable weapon made with 3 metal pipes, a metal spring, and 10 more high-quality metal fragments. 

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The SAR (Semi-Automatic Rifle) is one of the most beloved. It can be crafted using a metal spring, semi-automatic body, 450 metal pieces, and 4 highly qualitative metals and comes in handy while fighting off enemies. 

While an assault rifle can be crafted out after availing 50 qualitative metal, one rifle body, 200 wood, and 4 metal springs, a military-grade MP5 can be made, utilizing an SMG body, 15 high-quality metal, and 2 metal springs. 


A water pipe shotgun can be crafted using 200 wood and 100 metal fragments that can later be made into a double-barrel shotgun by tying two water pipe shotguns together; it needs 175 metal fragments and necessarily two metal pipes. 

The SPAS-12 Shotgun is available only as a readymade loot commodity found in camps, crates, and places like supply drops, similar to an M39 rifle that can only be found in such places and not created. 

A Thompson gun is helpful in medium ranges to close ranges (range length is around 90 meters) that can be created using merely 10 pieces of high-quality metal, 100 wood, a metal spring, and an SMG body. 

Archaic But Handy

These weapons are used mainly by players when they have woken up with bared bodies. The rock awarded to them helps garner these primitive tools and weapons at the early stage of the game. 

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The bow and arrow duo has to be crafted out of 200 wood and 50 cloth to shoot the enemy from a fairly far distance. 


Stone hatchets and stone pickaxes can be made easier with the rock. Find some stone and wood and obtain 200 wood and 100 stone for each stone hatchet and pickaxe. These are the primitive tools for saving yourself but are primarily involved in mining resources like extracting wood using the hatchet and carving stone using the pickaxe. 


You can use the rock you are given in the beginning to get your hands on the trees’ wood and get 300 woods to make a wooden spear out of it. The players can then shift into making a machete in the later stage of the game that is far more formidable and can be easily made with 100 wood and 40 metal pieces. 

The game has often been proclaimed as the mixture of Minecraft and DayZ because of its more or less similar plot. The player versus player multiplayer arena is constantly under the threat of wild animals in the wilderness and the enemy players. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to win unless a long row of chances has been tried on. 

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The recipe for a quick win is to opt for a rust hack! These hacks and cheats get updated regularly, guarded with protective codes and a newly updated HWID spoofer that shall guarantee you wins in every round.