Secure Your Internet with Fast & Free VPN – iTop VPN

Do you really need to use VPN? Are your internet activity and digital identity at risk? Well, you are probably going to connect to the hotel, bus, office, or public Wifi at some point. These public Wifi spots pose serious threats to the security of your device and data. VPN tool can block unauthorized parties and tools from accessing your visited sites, provided information, and downloaded files.

Secure Your Internet with Fast & Free VPN

The Internet world is a dark and deep hole where lurkers are always ready to snatch your digital footprints. Businesses and other agencies can manipulate your browsing habits for their own sake. If you think your privacy matters, use iTop VPN to secure your online identity. In 2021, iTop VPN is one of the best free VPN tools for Windows. Unlike expensive VPN services, iTop VPN is available for free. Secure your internet with a fast and free VPN for Windows.

Risks of using Free VPN

The tag of “free” can lure us into any trap. Every user tries to find tools and services that are available for free. This “free stuff” culture promotes frauds and scams. Users easily fall for these traps and end up installing spam tools and programs. There are hundreds of free VPN services that have no transparent user policies. The organizations behind these tools are too shady to be trusted.

By signing up for such unauthentic and scam VPN tools, you are giving easy access to your personal data. These companies sell the user data and also keep a record of the browsing habits. This personal data is later sold to different companies. In simple words, you are paying the price of a free VPN by exposing your privacy.

Why iTop VPN is recommended for Safe Browsing?

It is highly recommended to use a safe and authentic VPN only. In the digital world, full of scams and frauds, iTop VPN a free VPN that is trusted by millions of users for secure and safe internet connectivity. Not only the VPN services are free but the speed of the connection is also higher than competitors. The servers are located in the most secure regions with no external interference by any agency or the company.


Practising a no-logging policy is a challenging task for any VPN company. From the very first day of business operation, iTop VPN has believed in the 100% safe and secure experience for the users. Whether you are using a free or paid version of iTop VPN, you are always safe and secure from any type of interference.

Benefits of using iTop VPN

The free service is not the only perk of using iTop VPN as this free VPN is reliable, trusted, and secure, and fast too. The simple connectivity required no technical knowledge and you can easily access the high-speed servers from prime locations in different countries. Enjoy a smooth and secure internet connection and secure your digital identity with iTop VPN.

If you like the services and want enhanced security for different devices, you can premium subscription at discounted rates.

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