Should Serious Bicyclists Get Fitted for Their Bikes?

Biking is both a popular form of transportation as well as a sport that is popular in countries around the world. Just as no two people are built the same, different adjustments and adaptations on a bike can make them suitable for anyone. Proper bike fitting assessments in Melbourne can help to relieve pain and discomfort while riding and after, ensure that maximum control is reached, and the body will perform at its highest potential.

Getting Fitted for a Bike

When getting fit for a bike, the new bike is taken to a shop that offers the fittings for measures to be taken and adjustments to be made. Many bike shops are using the Body Geometry system for completing the process. The system was developed by a doctor at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine and has been in use for several years.


The process can take between two and three hours to complete fully, beginning with an interview and consultation. Once the interview has been completed, there is an assessment for flexibility to allow for there to be a comprehensive understanding of your body composition and anything that may require attention or adjustments. This includes things like the legs being even in both length and range of motion, determining the body’s alignment in a seated and standing position, and how the body will move on the bike.

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Specialized Equipment

Using specialized equipment and cameras to observe and record how you are seated on the bike, everything is well fitted, from the insoles to the bike seat. They will assist in selecting the correct shoes with insoles that make them comfortable and allow them to fit well on the pedals. Next consideration is the pedals themselves, aligned, and which pedals will fit your needs the best. The choice of seat is addressed to ensure that your sit bones are properly aligned and supported by the seat, and all height adjustments are made to ensure the proper alignment is maintained from foot and ankle through the legs to the hips and the spine. Finally, handlebars are adjusted to fit your grip and to keep the back at an angle that will reduce pain and maintain comfort while riding.


Watching the movements completed while riding via the camera makes it easier to see the alignment and how the movements translate. This can bring awareness to position changes, and ways to move that will offer more relaxing activities and allow you to ride longer.

Should All Serious Bicyclists Get Fitted?

The process is extensive and detailed; however, it will make it possible to ride in a more comfortable position for longer periods of time. In addition, having correct alignment and movements while riding is key to maintaining joint health and protecting the muscles from injury. For this reason, anyone serious about cycling should have a fitting completed at least once and use the suggestions offered within that consultation to ensure a long and happy riding career.

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