Students Guide: Who Can Write My Essay

For many of you, writing an essay seems like an arduous task, not because the topic is difficult but the mere fact that writing is a complex process that takes time and effort. There is a whole process involved. From researching, collecting relevant data to the final written essay, every step demands your complete attention and time. So, if you choose to take help for your essay, there is no harm in hiring somebody to write it for you. 

Whom Should I Approach to Write My Essay?

Students always have a question about who can “Write My Essay” for me, and they often use help from quality writing services to do their assignments. There are several avenues you can explore when you look for outside help to write your essay. Here are a few of them. 


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Contact a Professional Writing Company

When you look around to find many students like you going through the same struggle of trying to write a good quality essay that gets them their desired grade, you will probably get some strength in finding out that you are not alone.

To address the need of such students, the cyber world has seen a rise in various online writing services. These services hire highly trained and professional writers who can write top-quality essays for you even in tight deadlines. Moreover, these essay writing services ensure the production of custom essays free from plagiarism and offer a variety of write-ups for your convenience. From report writing to the narrative, descriptive or argumentative essays, research papers, business reports, legal essays, scientific reports, and book reports, you will find all kinds of writing experts ready to make your life easy. 

However, before hiring any of these professional essay writing services, ask yourself a question, ‘who will make my essay for me in the best way?’Do your research well. Look for credentials and customer reviews before making your final choice. Also, check the guarantees the service offers, for they ensure customer security. There are quite a few writing services that provide student-friendly packages. It will be a good bargain economically if you avail of such offers. 

Take Help from Freelance Writers

If you are skeptical about hiring a professional writing service and still wondering, ‘who will do my essay for me?’ Here is another option. Look for a freelance writer. Many individuals would like to give their writing services to struggling students.

You can find these freelance writers through a friend’s reference who has ever taken their service or on the internet.

Contacting a freelance writer directly has its benefits. You will have the option of directly sending detailed instructions about your essay to the writer. You may also ask them to match your peculiar style of writing to make your paper look more authentic. You will also be able to contact them frequently to find out how much of your essay has been reported. There is also a greater chance of bargaining on the price of their service at your terms. 

With so many positives, this avenue must have its con, like no money-back guarantee. Also, since these writers are not associated with any writing company, hiring them will be a risk as it’s hard to find comprehensive, honest reviews about them. 

Request Your Friend

You are not a good writer yourself. You question yourself, ‘can somebody write my essay for me?’ You get the answer in the affirmative. However, there is one slight hitch. You don’t have any money left to pay for a professional service. You find yourself in deep trouble. Here is a convenient solution. First, ask a friend who has good writing acumen.

As the maxim goes, ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed. By asking a friend for some help in writing your essay, you will be able to know who your true friend is.

Your friend will probably not ask you for any remuneration for the service, making it a pocket-friendly option. Another benefit is that since your friend probably has worked on a similar project, they will know the requirements of the essay and how to address them fully. Secondly, you will find it convenient to converse and discuss your assignment at length due to the degree of informality as friends.

However, you may not see the level of professionalism in the write-up you need for your essay. It may be the only drawback but a major one when it is a question of your grades. Secondly, as an amateur writer, there are chances that chunks of your essay detect plagiarism which may hamper your grades tremendously. So, think carefully and make a wise decision about whom to entrust your essay. 

Ask Senior Students

A lucrative option financially and academically is to ask any of your seniors to assist you in writing your essay. Since your seniors have successfully completed your academic year, they have already completed the courses along with all the assignments and reports. Therefore, they understand the requirements of the assignments and will be in a better position to do justice to your essay

By choosing to go for this option will benefit you both. First, you will be able to get a well-written, well-structured essay at an economical cost to turn in while they get some extra bucks to help them through their studies. 

Although asking a senior to write your essay for you may be financially beneficial for you, yet you must not, in any case, compromise on quality. Choose your writer wisely. Ask yourself, ‘can he write my essay for me, keeping in mind quality and relevance to the assignment?’ ‘Is he a good writer?

‘If the answer is yes, you are good to go with this option. 

Take Services of a Professional Writers

Last but not least, you can opt for the writing services of a professional writer. Of course, a professional writer will produce a very well-written, plagiarism-free, top-notch essay for you to submit to your professor, yet it has its drawbacks. Firstly, since they are professional writers, they are sure to charge you a handsome remuneration for the write-up, which may put a big dent in your pocket. Secondly, it is hard to find expert professional writers personally online, except perhaps if you know somebody personally or through a personal reference. 


These were some of the options you can choose from when looking for the best available resource to write your essay for you. Remember, your end-of-term grades depend mainly on the quality of the paper you submit. So, do your research, think before you leap, and make a wise choice about who will write your essay for you and make your life easy. 

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